Comeaux Spartan Band


The Comeaux Band Program strives to provide its members with a rewarding musical education that will educate each of its students with the musical knowledge needed to achieve at the next level, college or university, or to enjoy music as a performer or listener throughout their lives. The directors, staff and booster organization are dedicated to making an experience that will last a life-time.

8th Grade Night for musicians

Unfortunately this event had to be cancelled. Please check back with us in late April for all information that you need about what is upcoming. You can also check out our calendar. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Dance Team try outs

For more information and packets, please go to "Incoming Students". You can find a printable packet, but please remember that you need three teacher recommendation forms.

As we continue with uncertain times, you can email your completed forms (other than you reccomendations) to If you also let me know the three teachers you've asked to do letters of recommendation, I can follow up with them.

We are working on all contingency plans in case something happens, and auditions may not be held at the time that is posted. You can come back to the webpage for updated information as we have it.

Promo Flyer

Color Guard try outs

Please email:

with your name and contact information so that we can start to judge interest, and stay in contact with you. We want to be prepared if something changes, and we need to make accomodations for the coming year.

If you'd like a little jump start, here's a great video to get you going. If you contact me, we can help get you a pole and a flag!