Comeaux Spartan Band


The Comeaux Band Program strives to provide its members with a rewarding musical education that will educate each of its students with the musical knowledge needed to achieve at the next level, college or university, or to enjoy music as a performer or listener throughout their lives. The directors, staff and booster organization are dedicated to making an experience that will last a life-time.

Dance Team Auditions


Congratualtions to those chosen for the 2021-22 Dance Team Rhythm In Blue! We're looking forward to seeing new members on Monday, April 26th @ 5pm in the band room for your uniform fitting (or others that might need a new one), and ALL the members for the meeting on Friday, May 28th.

Please note that there are a couple of late submissions that are virtual that will be under consideration, and held to the same scrutiny level. There is no set limit to the group, but decided based on expectations and auditions. Unfortunately the later any video is submitted, even being accepted may cause issues with actually performing, due to get a uniform. Anyone submitting a video after May 27th is not assured the ability to perform for the first several games due to the length of time it takes to order and produce a single uniform.

Team Announcements 21-22

PLEASE NOTE: Files are "viewable". You need to copy them to your own Google Drive , and then "make a copy" in order to edit them. Any other form of permission would leave your personal information exposed to the next person.

The video has all the audition material we will be going over from Tuesday 4/13-15. If you are working at home, please video yourself and submit it to me by Friday night. You can put the video(s) in a file on Google Drive and share it with me (

Thank you for your help and interest in Rhythm and Blue.

Comeaux dance tryouts.mp4


We would love to hear from you! If you could provide a video of yourself playing something, that would be very helpful in placing you in the proper class. Anything from scales you know, to pieces of music that you liked. A short 3 minutes would be appropriate. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Please make sure you click on "Incoming Students" found at the top left of the page.

Color Guard tryouts

General Information.docx

Please email: with your name and contact information so that we can start to judge interest, and stay in contact with you. We will be doing auditions Tuesday May, 11-13 from 4:30 - 6:00pm.

If you'd like a little jump start, here's a great video to get you going.

We are working with SOLA Giving Day to help raise funds for instruction for students. Restrictions for playing musical instruments have hampered student progress. We'd like help in getting assistance (tutoring/lessons) to get kids back on track. Please help us to achieve our goals in doing this. We have different levels of rewards:

$250 - We will acknowledge you on our website as a donor for one year

$500 - We will acknowledge you on the website for a year, as well as thank you at our half time performance announcements.

$1,000 - Everything at the $500 level, plus we will offer the opportunity to have a pep band come play for about 10 minutes. This performance must be located in the city of Lafayette, and dates will be pending due to concert/festival performances, and other constraints. Dates and times will need to be arranged with the director at least one month in advance.

We hope that you can give to this event.