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Tips & Tricks!

New in Google Docs:

Dropdowns & Building Blocks

Read here for more information!

This is great for your own collaborative project work or helping students stay organized with theirs!

Product Roadmap

Review Tracker

Product Assets

Content Tracker

Grouped Tabs

  • Do you have a lot of tabs open throughout the day?

  • Are you struggling to find your 'stuff' because you have so many tabs open?

How would you like to organize your tabs into Groups rather than just bury them in bookmarks and bookmark folders?

Text and Visual Tutorial - from Google

IMPORTANT! You will need to make a change to your Google Settings to have Grouped tabs work properly:

>Go to Settings (3 dot menu, top right)

>On start up (left side menu)

>Select 'Continue where you left off'

Google Tasks

  • Tired of using post-it notes that you forget about or lose?

  • Have trouble keeping track of your To Do lists?

Well, have we got the app for you! Try using Google Tasks!

Video explanation

This is an integrated Google to-do list that is easy and convenient to access from your computer or mobile device.

On your phone - download the free app, Google Tasks and sign in with your school email address. On your computer, Google Tasks will be found within your Gmail app AND your Google Calendar app.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to turn on (checkmark) Tasks on your calendar list to have Tasks appear on your calendar.

LPSD Subscriptions/Programs/Applications

LearnAlberta - subject & grade level resources

  • auto sign-in when at an LPSD building. Account info and password available from your Library Tech upon request for home access (or note this info the next time you are at school - top right-hand corner)

Learn360 - subject & grade level resources

  • LPSD paid subscription

  • Google Classroom integration

  • account set up through your Ed Tech Consultant or Library Tech

  • if you already have an account, you can generate your own password reset or contact your Library Tech to send you a reset link

Criterion on Demand - movies

  • LPSD paid subscription

  • LPSD username and password available from your Ed Tech Consultant or Library Tech

ROVER - (Recommended Online Video Education Resources) - Sask Education

  • auto sign-in at within a LPSD location

  • at home, you will need your Blackboard account login credentials (see info page regarding these accounts): Username: firstname.lastname Passcode: birthdate in the monthday format (Jan 23 = 0123)

  • all Educators will have a Blackboard account when they fill out their Educator profile. Other staff can request a Blackboard account through the link above)

  • All videos that are National Film Board or Curio (CBC) and are found in ROVER will require a sign in to ROVER (Blackboard account) regardless if you are at school or home

SMART Notebook

  • LPSD paid subscription for advanced features and online SMART Notebook (Lumio)

  • Request your account through the LPSD HelpDesk

  • requires SMART Notebook version 17 or higher. Contact your Ed Tech Consultant for info on where to download a new version (for example, if you still have version 11).

Read&Write for Google Chrome

  • LPSD paid subscription for all students

  • Free for Educators (when registering, please use Randy Finlay as the program administrator contact & use his email when prompted)

  • Support for this program is provided by the LPSD Ed Tech Consultant

EquatIO - math editing software

  • Free for Educators

WeVideo - online video editor

  • Barr Colony, Queen Elizabeth, and Rendell Park teachers have access to this paid video editing software (1 school account shared by each staff) for 2021 - 2022

  • contact your admin to request a yearly staff account (cost is $120/year)

  • For assistance in learning this program, contact the LPSD Ed Tech Consultant


Book Creator - freemium version for Educators; class join code for students, 40 free books but the ability to archive your library to free up 40 more books! This app can be combined with student contect created in Canva for Education

See Tech Connect help page >Presentations >Book Creator.

Canva for Education - free graphics creation, pro account for Educators. Google Classroom & Book Creator integration. Students who join your class will also have access to Pro features within your account. Ability to communicate and formatively assess work through the Canva classroom.

See Tech Connect help page >Infographics

Loom for Education - free Pro screencasting software for educators.

See Tech Connect help page >Screencasting >Loom

Grant Information

(Information gathered from abcee.org). Please contact your LPSD Ed Tech Consultant for assistance in writing your grant!

Winter/Spring Deadlines:

Staples Canada & Earth Day Canada: Superpower Your School Contest each year schools who take eco-initiatives can share their story enter for the chance to be 1 of 10 schools to receive $20 000 worth of technology to help superpower your school. Amount: $20 000 in green technology. Deadline: January each year

Nature Canada's Women for Nature Young Leaders Grant is a sponsored grant that will support project implementation (inspired by some of the objectives in the recently published Nature Playbook) in the year 2019, to celebrate the role that nature plays in our Canadian culture and identity. Amount: $1000. Deadline: February each year

World of 7 Billion: Student Video Contest is open to all middle and high school students worldwide. Students can create a video concentrating on preserving biodiversity, sustainable resource use, or protecting human rights. Participating teachers receive free curriculum resources from Population Education, and the student winners receive cash prizes. Deadline: February each year

TreeCanada: Greening Canada's School Grounds provides grants to green schools grounds. Amount: Variable. Deadline: March each year.

Nutrients for Life and Inside Education School Garden Grants provide funding for schools to start or expand on indoor and outdoor gardens. Schools can apply to complete a two-year Learning Garden project, or a one-year School Garden project. Amount: $3000 for two-year projects, $500 for one-year projects. Deadline: March each year.

The Earth Steward Teaching Awards recognizes exemplary contributions to sustainability education. Prizes: $1000 to the two winning teachers (one in elementary and one in secondary), as well as $1000 to each winner's school to be put towards a sustainability action project. Deadline: April.

Canada Post Community Foundation Grants provide funding for school programs that benefit children. Amount: Variable. Deadline: April each year.

Inside Education: A+ for Energy provides grants for projects focused on energy and GHG emission reduction. Amount: Up to $5000. Deadline: May each year.

Year Round Deadlines:

Alberta Ecotrust: Major Projects & Community Grants support community-based projects that typically focus on local opportunities for change through stewardship and action. Major Grants are designed to support more comprehensive projects that have the potential to result in substantial environmental benefit. Amount: up to $7500 for community projects & $30 000 for major grants. Deadline: Fall and Spring each year.

Alberta Emerald Youth Grants invites young people under the age of 25 to binge-watch Sharing Stories content and participate in conversations with the support of study guides. Once they have completed their viewing, they are invited to pitch an environmental group project inspired by what they saw for the chance to receive a grant. Amount: $750. Deadline: Grant applications are assessed monthly and funds will be released within 4 weeks of approval.

Alberta Agriculture Education contains resources about starting a school garden and a list of funding opportunities.

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) Action Challenge Contest is open to all students, clubs, community groups, and families. Complete environmental actions to earn points and compete with groups across Alberta! Examples of actions include environmental education, community clean ups, writing to local MP/MLA, posting recycling/composting posters around the school and community, fundraising for an environmental organization, planting a garden, etc. Prizes: $500 Grand Prize, $300 Runner Up. Deadline: Two rounds: Sept-Dec and Jan-June.

Edmonton Community Foundation: Young Edmonton Grants funds projects by youth in Edmonton. The key to a successful application is an activity that is initiated, led, and organized by young Edmonton and area residents. Individuals (or groups), between the ages of 13 and 24 years, can receive funding to make their idea a reality. Amount: $500-3000. Deadline: Oct. 15, Feb. 15, & May 15 each year depending on when project will occur.

The Educational Partnership Foundation Environmental Action Program will grant up to $1000 for schools running student-led projects and programs that make a measurable impact on energy use reduction or the natural environment. Deadline: Submissions can be made year-round.

The FortisAlberta greenUp Grant program is designed to help create or enhance an environmental program for students in Elementary/Junior High schools. They offer 25 $1,000 grants for schools to implement an environmental education program. All schools in their service area are eligible to apply. Amount: $1000. Deadline: Year-round

FortisAlberta launched its Save Energy Grant program to support municipalities, including schools and businesses within its service territory. The company will disburse grants to assist with a variety of energy efficiency initiatives. These grants will range in the amount of $1,000 to $5,000, depending on the amount requested and the total cost of the project. Amount: $1000. Deadline: Year-round

The Education Partnership Foundation: Environmental Actions Program will provide grants for schools each year running student-led projects and programs that make a measurable impact on energy use reduction or the natural environment. Amount: $1000. Deadline: No deadline. Schools can apply year-round, and each application funded needs to use the funding within the school year that they received it.

Honda Canada Foundation: Grants provide funding for educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and other, tax exempt, national institutions in the fields of family, environment, engineering and education. Amount: 1.5 million+ funds disbursed annually. Deadline: Year-round.

Solar for Schools Program is a program provided by the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre that provides rebates to Alberta School Boards who install photovoltaic systems (PV) on their school. Amount: Varies depend on size of the solar system. Deadline: Year-round.

The Nature Calgary Education Grant funds projects in Calgary schools to appreciate, observe, study and respect nature in the Calgary area. This grant supports schools in the City of Calgary that require financial aid for a project that teaches students to appreciate, observe, study and respect nature and the outdoors in Calgary and area. Amount: up to $1000 Deadline: Applications are accepted throughout the year and schools can apply for the funding once per school year.

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation: Grants support projects in a variety of areas, including schoolyard greening, community gardens, recycling and composting. Amount: Average $2500. Deadline: January and July each year.


Archive - Fall, 2021

Fall, 2021 Deadlines:

Alberta Environment and Parks: Environmental Student Action Challenge invites Alberta students from kindergarten to grade 12 to develop a school-based initiative or project that will minimize human impacts to the environment or help address climate change. Up to $15,000 of total funding will be awarded. Amount: Up to $1000. Deadline: September/October each year.

Government of Canada: Climate Action Fund for Canadian youth between the ages of 15 and 30 for activities that support climate change education. Amount: Variable. Deadline: September each year.

Jane Goodall: Roots and Shoots Grants use the funding to support a youth-led action project that makes the community better for animals, people and the environment. Amount: Variable. Deadline: September each year.

Aspen Foundation for Labour Education: Aspen Grants offers grants to support projects that promote student engagement in social justice. Projects with environmental and social justice connections can also be funded. Amount: Up to $1500. Deadline: October each year.

Learning for a Sustainable Future: EcoLeague Action Project Funding provides funding for students and teachers to engage their school and community in an action project. Funding is available for schools, individual classes, and school groups/clubs. Action projects must be interactive, educational, and address a local sustainability issues. Amount: $400. Deadline: November each year.

World Wildlife Fund: Go Wild School Grants support community, classroom, and school initiatives related to wildlife conservation across Canada. Amount: Up to $7000. Deadline: November each year.

The Eco Youth Award Program recognizes youth and provides financial aid to implement or enhance projects with an environmental focus. Youth may use a current project or propose a new project to enter the award competition. The project may cover any environmental topic and may include (but is not limited to): climate change, water, air, waste and recycling, soil, transportation, food, energy, etc. Amount: Variable. Deadline: December each year.


The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge Offered by Shell Canada and Canadian Geographic, the Classroom Energy Diet is a competition between Canadian classes from Kindergarten to grade 12 to increase awareness and knowledge about energy use among Canadian students (in both official languages). Students complete challenges for the chance to win prizes for their class.

FOCUS! Climate Change Student Video Competition is open for students in Grade 7-12. Awards of Excellence will be recognized in the following categories: Live Action/Narrative Fiction, Documentary or Public Service Announcement, Animation/Stop Animation/Claymation/Hand Drawings Videography, and Music Video. Competition opens September each year.

Earth Sciences Canada: Where Challenge is a national contest for students aged 9 – 14. Students are asked to discover answers to these questions: What on Earth is in your stuff and Where on Earth does it come from? Learn about careers in geoscience, the mining industry, the environment, and the three Rs. There are $10 000 worth of cash prizes to be won by classrooms. Deadline: Fall each year.

Staples Canada & Earth Day Canada: Superpower Your School Contest each year schools who take eco-initiatives can share their story enter for the chance to be 1 of 10 schools to receive $20 000 worth of technology to help superpower your school. Amount: $20 000 in green technology. Deadline: January each year.

Parks Canada: Canada's Coolest School Trip Open for any grade 7, 8 and 9 class to win a trip to one of Canada's national parks (locations vary each year). Offered by Parks Canada in collaboration with My Parks Pass partners. Deadline: February, with a voting process in March and a final judging process to select the winners.

The Environmental Artworks Foundation of Alberta: Art Contest Each year provides a new theme and cash prizes are awarded to the top three entries. Deadline: March each year.

SEEDS Connections: Green Schools Program allows schools to record the number of environmental projects their students participate in. Schools who complete 100 projects become recognized as a Green School, and may go on to achieve Jade Status (250), Emerald Status (500) and Earth School Status (1000).

STEM Opportunities

Don’t miss out!

Register for

STEM Club today

Grades 4-6

Let's Talk Science: STEM Club

There are two opportunities to attend a live session as we’ll be holding the same event on Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week. But, if you’re unable to participate in the live sessions, not to worry! I’ll send a copy of each week’s recording to registered participants.

Also, I’d like to share a list of the themes that explorers will discover during STEM Club. They are:

Here is the schedule of STEM Club activities:

1) Brain Buster (May 3)

No Materials required

2) Create Your Own Parachute (May 10)

Materials (for each student): Parachute template, string, scissors, tape.

3) Cryptography (May 17)

Materials (for each student): Cryptography wheel template, paperclip, scissors, tape.

4) Wind Turbine (May 24)

Materials (for each student): Wind turbine template, thumbtack, tape, pencil, scissors. Optional: extra wide straw, string.

5) Fingerprinting (May 31)

Materials (for each student): Fingerprinting template sheet, pencil, clear tape.

6) Space Probe Lander (June 7)

Materials (for each student): Card stock, scissors, tape, pencil crayons, craft or recycled materials.

Coding, Tech Integration & PD!

🔗Hour of Code Poster Series

- featuring Steph Curry, Malala Yousafzai, Hadi Partovi (founder of Hour of Code), and more!

Click the link above or click the poster to download them

🔗Archived Webinars

🔗Resources for Educators

-check out many pre-made books across the curriculum

🔗Book Creator Certified Author

Book Creator

📺Using Book Creator in Special Education - Webinar December 8, 2020

Book Creator in the special education classroom, and will spotlight a variety of features that make Book Creator a great choice for a variety of learning environments.

- Audio and video support

- Using voice-to-text and narration

- Accessibility features

- Differentiated learning

Digital scientific measuring equipment - video demos

Contact your LPSD Ed Tech Consultant for information or a demo

We have some LPSD PASCO equipment for you to borrow for science -biology, chemistry and physics experiments (wireless weather, temperature probes)

LPSD Cycle Relay for charity

We are looking forward to restarting our cycle across Canada!