Mt Evans

Core Announcements and Daily Bulletin: 

Safe2Tell - 1-877-542-7233  Euclid Counseling Website

School Doors Open: 8:30 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) 

9:30 on Wednesdays 

(Students may enter the cafeteria, or library (limited number of students) at these times. 

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Upcoming Calendar Events:

Here are a few highlighted upcoming events:    

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March 24th

April 3rd

Library March Monthly Challenge~Check out a book and find a lucky green coin somewhere in the library and turn the coin in for a piece of candy.

If required to come in during lunch - the lunch pass you were given must be placed in the basket down at the lunchroom. 

Cellphones: To maintain a focused learning environment, the no cellphone policy will continue at Euclid. We ask that students not bring cellphones to school or if they do, they should remain off and in the students’ lockers during the day. Should you need to make a call, we are happy to help in the main office. 


Friday, March 24, 2023


Blueberry Bread

Cereal Variety


Straw Hat

Spicy Chicken Sandwich


Grape PB&J Sandwich

Chicken Caesar Salad with Breadsticks

Vegetarian Sunny Salad with Breadsticks

Monday, April 3, 2023


Cereal Variety


Pork Street Tacos

Spicy Chicken Sandwich


Grape PB&J Sandwich

Chicken Caesar Salad with Breadsticks

Vegetarian Sunny Salad with Breadsticks

Club / After School Opportunities: 

Monday Club

6th Grade Lacrosse w/Ms. Kailey~3:55-5:05-Lower Field 

Tuesday Club(s):

Video Game Recruitment- meet in the Makerspace in the library after school. Please see Mr. Davis before or after school to sign up or if you have any questions.

Soccer Club - Tuesday, March 21. 6th, 7th and 8th grade welcome! We will meet after school in the gym lobby then go outside to the grass field. Talk to Ms. Guarino if you have any questions.

Sources of Strength -  Meets after school on January 31. 

Wednesday Club(s)

Creative Writing Club - Do you enjoy writing stories, poems, or other types of creative writing? Do you want to join a community of writers to improve your craft? We will meet after school in Mr. Call's room (Discovery hallway, room 2124). Please see Mr. Call or email him ( if you have any questions. 

Euclid Art Club-Join the Euclid Art Club!!  Bring your creativity to the ART Room 1735 on Wednesday, November 9th from 4:00-5:00.  The ART Club will meet every other Wednesday. 

Thursday Club(s)

Magic the Gathering Club: Do you like games?  Do you like games with a little bit of magic?  Better yet, do you like competing with others and seeing who will reign supreme? Then we have the answer for you! We are reigniting a club based around a card game called, "Magic the Gathering."  It is a card game, similar to Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, but has battle cards like Dungeon and Dragons. If you are new, there will be ways to learn and basic decks will be provided to use. Come see what magic awaits you every Thursday starting on October 6th from 3:55 to 5:05 in the library.  See Mrs. Sullivan in Room 2125 or email her if you have any questions. 

Pride Club: Come join Pride Club meeting on every 1st and 3rd Thursday. Pride club is a safe place for students to gather to discuss issues related to the LGTBQ+ community, support one another and socialize. You do not need to identify as LGTBQ to attend, all are welcome

Daily Homework Assignments - 

Check each class link to find out what the assignments are. 

Language Arts Homework: Click Here

**Look for the correct date!**

Math Homework: click here

Science Homework:  Click here!

Click on the link to see the slideshow that holds information for Social Studies. Look for the correct date! : )

Technology Problems? 

SPICEWORKS PORTAL FOR TECH SUPPORT   Use this link when you have problems with school technology. 

Core Teachers

Mr. Hamilton  (Social Studies)

Mr. Richardson (Math)

Mrs. Bradbury (aka Phelps-Bradbury)


Miss Brisse  (Language Arts)

Ms. Berg (Resource Teacher) 

Important Resources

Mt. Evans Teacher Syllabus
Getting Involved at Euclid Middle School.mpg