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THANK YOU EVERYONE! What a successful Food and Supplies Drive for the South Platte Humane Society. We collected over 500 pounds of dog food, over 300 pounds of cat food, 200 pounds of litter, over 500 cans of dog and cat food and over 200 blankets, along with toys, beds and treats for the animals. Thank you so much for everyone who encouraged and donated items. Euclid Student Council appreciates it so much but not as much as the Humane Society did. They were so grateful and we filled up their storage area with supplies for the winter.

The Core Plus classes in 1st place get doughnut parties on Friday and the 2nd place classes will have candy in your mailbox this week for your Core Plus Classes.

The 6th grade core with the most points is Mrs. Benner's class with 405 points. 2nd place was Mrs. Broyles with 289 points.

This was truly a Win-Win situation though because the Animal Shelter received so many much needed supplies. Thanks again.

Attention all students: Check out the windows in the cafeteria to see if you have ordered a yearbook. If you haven't, you'll want to reserve your copy now. Your parents may pay for your Yearbook on Parent Portal or you may bring payment to Mrs. Kelley in the office. The cost is $30.

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Chess Club: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Brain Bowl will meet in Mr. Tuke's room Wednesday, December 19th, from 3:50-5:10 PM.

Magic the Gathering Club members, we will do our final round of the tournament this Thursday in Mrs. Sullivan's room 1297. Those of you who are not playing the tournament can still join! Come find out who will reign supreme!

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