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Spring sports Tryout schedule

Tuesday March 16th Boys Volleyball 3:15-4:45 in the gym

Wednesday March 17th Girls Volleyball 3:15-5:00pm in the gym

Practices and games will start after we return from spring break. The season will run though the first week of May

Each team will have approximately 5 regular season games, plus playoffs for the varsity teams if we qualify.

The schedule will be finalized in the next couple of weeks. Games will take place mostly Mondays through Thursdays

Our league will follow Tri County Health's recommendation which is to adhere to CHSAA Spring sports guidelines. Here are just some of the safety regulations that will be in place.

If a student athlete is in close contact with someone on either team who has tested positive for Covid-19 there will be a mandatory 14 day quarantine period from the date of exposure.

No spectators will be allowed

All players, coaches, referee's and score keepers will be required to wear masks at all times (other than water breaks).

See the calendar below for our schedule of games

Littleton Academy sports eligibility rules

To maintain eligibility:

1. Student athletes and student council members must maintain a C- or better average in ALL courses (no D’s or F’s).

2. If a student accrues 5 points (net) in a season, they will not be eligible to practice or play in any games for one week (Monday- Sunday).

3. If a student accrues 10 points (net) or more in a season, they will no longer be eligible to participate on the team for the remainder of the season.

More on Littleton Academy academic eligibility

Mr. Graeber will notify students who are academically ineligible each Monday. Once a student is listed as ineligible on Monday they may not play in any games for that entire week NO EXCEPTIONS. Students may become eligible to play the following week if they raise their grade.

Frequently Asked questions:

Mr. Graeber told my son/daughter that they are ineligible but everything looks fine on Infinite campus. What is going on? Infinite Campus is required to be updated every three weeks. Teachers have traditional grade books that are more up to date than IC. They will e-mail me every Monday with the student’s most current grade. Parents of student athletes and council members are actually getting grade updates every week instead of every three weeks.

My son/ daughter raised their grade the day after they were told they were ineligible can they play right away? No. The ineligibility period lasts one week (Monday to Sunday). They will be able to play at the start of the next week as long as all of their grades are a C- or higher. This policy works both ways: students cannot become eligible in the middle of the week, and they cannot become ineligible in the middle of the week either. If a student fails a test on a Wednesday that would bring their grade below our eligibility standards they will become ineligible the following Monday

When does the eligibility period start? The eligibility period goes into effect when the first practice starts for sports or the first meeting occurs for student council. For example: a student may have had a bad 1st quarter, but that would not affect his or her standing if basketballs first practice is in the second quarter.

Will my son/ daughter have to attend the games even though they are ineligible and cannot play in the game? This is up to each coach. If the coach wants them to attend, they can bring school work so they can bring their grade up to become eligible.

What about practices: ineligible students will have to attend a study hall during elective practices. They can attend after school practices with the coach’s permission, but not participate. They should bring school work from the subject that is causing the ineligible standing so they can bring their grade up to become eligible.

Any questions regarding eligibility should be directed to Mr. Graeber.