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Are you a reader? See below to submit a book review. Would you like to write a book review for a new book? Through our partnership with Tattered Cover, we have some advanced reader copies for teens to read and review.

  • How to Write a Book Review for Tattered Cover:
    • Reviews should be between 40-60 words. Write 1-2 sentences on what the book is about, then another 1-2 sentences on why you loved it/why you think others will love it. If it works, please also say something like, "If you liked xxx book, you'll love this one." or "If you love xxx author, you'll love this one." Please only write reviews for books you loved and are passionate about. Please send your review in an email to Kristen Gilligan with "Teen Book Review" in the subject line.
  • Here's their link to teen stuff: