Our Board Members

East Elementary Parent/ Teacher Organization (PTO) is an engaged group of volunteers that work within the school to create a strong community among the faculty and parents.

~All are invited to attend Board meetings. Meetings for the 2018-19 school year are on the first Thursday of the month @ 1:30pm at the school.~

President- Sarah McCabe-Wiley: Oversees the PTO Executive Board, sets the agendas for PTO meetings, presides over all PTO meetings, responsible for the enforcement of the by-laws, policies, and procedures of the PTO, serves on the LPS PTO Presidents Council and attends other appropriate district meetings, ex-officio member of all committees, assist President-Elect to set dates for upcoming school year, an authorized signer on the PTO’s bank account.

President-Elect- Kaitlyn Neunreiter: Perform duties of the President and or Secretary in their absence, assist the President, participates in the PTO calendar planning for the upcoming school year.

Treasurer- Mandy Coates: Custodian of all financial records and PTO funds, maintains current records, submits monthly financial report at the PTO meetings, submits a quarterly financial report to the PTO board, closes out all fundraisers, prepares all bank deposits, prepares the financial records annually for audit, an authorized signer on the PTO’s bank account.

Secretary- position available: Keeps accurate records (minutes) of PTO Executive Board meetings, posts approved minutes, handles official correspondence as directed by the President.

Co-Chairpersons of Ways and Means- Jolene White and Amy Vedes: Responsible for all fund-raising activities to meet the annual objectives of the PTO.

Party Coordinators- Kaitlyn Neunreiter and Drew Baylor: Oversees the planning of parties and dance, plans and coordinates the duties and responsibilities of volunteers signed up to assist with the parties. Including the preparation and distribution of all forms and information regarding these activities.

Volunteers In Public Schools (VIPS) Coordinator- Drew Baylor: Organize all volunteer activities for PTO functions, prepares a request for volunteers at PTO functions, compiles all volunteer hours and prepares report for the District on a monthly basis, and attends 1 district meeting per month.