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NON-EMERGENCY: (724) 845-8504

80 Kiski Ave, Leechburg  PA, 15656

Welcome to 

Lower Kiski Ambulance Service

Lower Kiski is a non-profit ambulance service that has been proudly serving Leechburg, West Leechburg, Hyde Park, Gilpin Township, and Allegheny Township since 1970.

The predominant Goal and Objective of Lower Kiski Ambulance is to provide excellent quality emergency medical care to the patients and communities we serve. Lower Kiski is also fortunate to have two Financially Independent, self-funding rescue units in Leechburg that we can work hand in hand with during emergency conditions outside of our capabilities. 

The water rescue team is an all-hazards rescue team, with capabilities in river and lake rescue, swift water and flood evacuation. Lower Kiski’s search and rescue team provides ground support, search management, and trailing K9 to assist authorities with missing persons.

Why Your Support is so Important….. 

EMS providers across Pennsylvania 

are facing a fiscal crisis.  

Insurance Reimbursements, our primary Revenue source, has failed to keep pace with inflation and our Operating Expenses.  


A sustainable source of additional revenue is essential

to our long-term future.

We are using our Emergency Fund for operating expenses.

Pennsylvania mandates that municipalities provide for EMS. We have taken the initiative to meet with State, County and Local elected official requesting sustainable public funding for the services we provide. 

Although an annual funding solution has not yet been defined, we are grateful for the Donations received from several of our Local Communities in response to our financial meetings.