The main goals of the Lodi Mock Trial program are to help students develop the character and skills necessary for success in mock trial and in life, to strive for excellence, and to have fun!

Students learn discipline and cooperation as they complete assigned tasks and meet deadlines as a team. Everything we do throughout the year prepares our team members to perform at very high levels, so they develop confidence in their own abilities and the ability to adapt gracefully under pressure. Despite their determination and competitive spirit, Lodi students treat all opposing teams and all mock trial adults with the utmost respect, both inside and outside the courtroom. Their sportsmanship, confidence, talent, and professionalism make Lodi students stand out at competitions.


Interested in joining Lodi Mock Trial? Have a question about the mock trial program? Send an email to or stop by room 1106 and talk to Mrs. Potter. We'd love to hear from you!