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7th Grade Essential Standards:

  • Apply and extend previous understandings of operations to add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers.

  • Apply and extend previous understandings of rational numbers.

  • Use properties of operations to generate equivalent expressions.

  • Write and solve one variable equations.

  • Analyze proportional relationships.

8th Grade Essential Standards:

  • Simplify algebraic expressions

  • Analyze and solve linear equations

  • Identify functions by analyzing graphs, tables, and ordered pairs and translate between forms of relations

  • Analyze linear patterns

  • Graph and write linear equations

  • Analyze and evaluate rational numbers

  • Calculate the volume of cylindrical solids

  • Apply basic rules of exponents

Math 7, Acc. Math 7
Welcome to Room 402! I’m Ms. Agius and this will be my fifth year at Mesa Middle School! Before teaching at Mesa, I was a sixth grade teacher at Nipomo Elementary School for two years. But, I knew I loved math too much and wanted to teach it all day and that is why I transferred to Mesa!
Speaking of math, I will be teaching two courses this year: Math 7 and Accelerated Math 7. These two courses challenge students with mathematics skills that they will need in their everyday lives, like how to calculate tip and tax, while also preparing students for their future math classes like Algebra by providing pre-algebra skills including working with negative numbers and variables!
While I’m not teaching, I love to read, hike, and paddleboard. I also love baseball, soccer, and football.
Go Hawks!

Math 7, Drama
Math: Hi there! My name is Mrs. Geyer, and I’m the one on the left! This is my teaching partner, Ms. Aguis, and we are so excited about being the 7th grade math teachers this year! I know math can be scary, and I want you to know that I am committed to taking the time and giving you the attention that you need to understand all you can! I plan to have some fun along the way as well! Can’t wait :)
Drama: Hi there! My name is Mrs. Geyer, and I am so excited to be the drama teacher this year! I have been teaching math in the district for 8 years now, and this is my first second as a drama teacher! I’ve had a lot of experiences with theater over the years. I was a drama coach and a choreographer for a children’s theater company, and I am also a singer, actor, and dancer. We are going to work hard and have a lot of fun in this class! Can’t wait :)

Buddy Kichler

Math 8

Jessica Larkin

Math 8 & Algebra
7th Grade Math @ Mesa Middle School
Math 8 Kichler Syllabus: 2021-2022
Larkin Algebra Syllabus: 2021-2022