Health and Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education Department is committed to delivering a sequential, standards-based K-12 curriculum with the foundation of instruction derived from the 5 pillars: Habits of Mind, Health Literacy, Physical Literacy, Advocacy and Community Connection. The focus is on social and mental health, the importance of movement, decision making skills, overall wellness and healthy habits. The emphasis is on a safe and comfortable environment to promote the most success and to provide an environment that is inclusive, respectful, safe, and equitable, while embracing uniqueness. The curriculum is designed to empower students to cultivate positive attitudes towards a lifetime of physical activity, health literacy and wellness.


To foster our community in self awareness, self and community advocacy, resilience, to sustain a healthy lifestyle, and to educate and empower the learner to apply the skills and knowledge that contribute to a healthy lifestyle by using the 5 pillars as our foundation.

5 Pride Pillars

2. Health Literacy

" Health literacy is the ability to access, understand, appraise, apply and advocate for health information and services in order to maintain or enhance one's own health and the health of others."

3. Physical Literacy

4. Advocacy for self and others

5. Community/Global Connection