LJ Palmview HS Holds Pet Food Drive

December 14, 2017

Ambassador Josue Bazan, along with the other Ambassadors from the Academies of La Joya ISD at Palmview High School, played a key role in organizing and conducting a school-wide Pet Food Drive. Josue Bazan is a Historian Officer Ambassador and the Junior Class President. He is energetic, positive, and always willing to assist.

Palmview Student Josue Bazan believed that one thing all animal shelters and rescue groups need is pet food — a lot of pet food! In fact, food is one of the largest operational costs incurred by shelters and rescues. Josue decide to help a local animal shelter by organizing a pet food drive among his classmates, family, and Palmview H.S Staff. “It’s an easy way to do our part to help animals in need”. Mr Bazan Replied

Pet Food will be donated to Yaqui Animal Rescue, a non-profit no-kill animal shelter located in Sullivan City. Yaqui Animal Rescue’s goal and passion is to rescuing and care for those that otherwise could not care for themselves.

The Academy students at Palmview High School are advocates for finding a loving home for all four-legged (sometimes two and three legged) friends. A future Pet Food Animal Drive will be conducted in February 2018 for another community Animal Rescue Shelter.

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By: Luis Bocanegra, T-STEM Academy Director

La Joya Mobile Tech Lab visited Palmview High School and T-STEM Academy students took the opportunity to experience 3 dimensional printing first hand. The Mobile Tech Lab provides the opportunity for our students to experience firsthand how technology can be mobilized and extended to reach many areas. The students were very excited to see how the 3 dimensional printing machines delivered the actual tangible products. This experience spiked curiosity as to how a machine can create a product in a designated amount of time. The students quickly linked the design to the technology and engineering component of the machine. The Mobile Tech Lab had lap tops available as well as tablets for the students to utilize and research how the components were used to create the 3 dimensional printing machine. The students also witnessed how the 3 dimensional printing machine software controlled the printing functions. These real-world connections make student want to delve in deeper into the STEM study fields.

Miguel Peña, Guvany Valle, Roel De Hoyos, and Ruben Guerrero experience the Mobile Tech Lab


By: Luis Bocanegra, T-STEM Academy Director

It has been truly a busy week at Palmview High School as our 9th grade students prepare for English I End of Course exam. Alexandra Tamez, Bianca Fernandez, and Ruben Guerrero work arduously in their English class to ensure that they are ready for their exam. Ms. Gladys Rodriguez works on reviews with the students and they form folders that they carry with them and are able to refer back to them as they study. Their goal is to ensure they master all the skills needed to obtain the results they have worked so hard for. The students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own study routines, thus preparing them for the rest of their high school experience. Good study habits will also help at the college level. Academy want to ensure that our students begin to practice good study habits and review skills early on. Building these skills now will allow our students to succeed in the future.

Alexandra Tamez works on her notes and prepares her STAAR folder.


By: Luis C. Bocanegra, T-STEM Academy Director

There is a great tradition of giving within La Joya ISD and our T-STEM students were able to join forces with other students at Palmview High School to provide assistance for our community. The students participated in the delivery of the gifts to families in our community and they were humbled by the experience. When students experience firsthand how important it is to assist our community. They made a connection to why they should become contributing members of society. Students learn different areas of curriculum in our classrooms. Additionally, at Palmview High School T-STEM Academy we also strive to promote an awareness of our community needs and show our students ways that they can contribute and make our community stronger. When students make connections to the importance of assisting their community they see an added value to education. They link the importance of getting an education so that in the future they will help strengthen their community. One of our goals is to ensure that students walk away with a well-rounded education and ensure that they are college, career, and workforce ready. Furthermore, at Palmview High School T-STEM Academy we also work on making sure that part of that well-rounded education also includes community service. We challenge our students to think of ways in which they can assist the community and we are looking at future projects to participate in.

Wendy Hernandez, Angel Villarreal, Lessly Muñoz, Viviana Guerrero, and Anaili Garcia carry gifts for our community.

STC Academies Present Associate Degree Opportunities to Highly Qualified T-STEM Students at Palmview High School

By: Alejandra Flores, T-STEM Academy Counselor

Ms. Monica Ramos, South Texas College Academies’ Recruiter and Coordinator came to visit a small group of highly qualified T-STEM student’s interested in learning more about their program and what it had to offer them. The Academies of STC is a program that has offers distinguished students an opportunity to earn their associates in the fields of Engineering, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Business and Medical Science. These students were selected to attend the presentation because they either showed interest in applying in the past or have passed all 3 sections of their Texas Success Initiative exam (TSI) as sophomores. Students left the meeting excited knowing they had the opportunity to apply for such a respected program. If selected, students would be expected to commit to a rigorous 70 college credit hour engineering program hosted at STC. The students selected would attend their regular high school classes in the morning, and then bused to STC to their college classes in the afternoon.

First Cohort of Palmview High School T-STEM Freshman Get Inducted to the Academy

By: Alejandra Flores, T-STEM Academy Counselor

Every year, a new group of bright, energetic, and curious freshman join a unique experience of becoming a part of an Academy at their respective High School’s. Prior to this year, Palmview only had the Academy of Public Service with a concentration in Education and the Business and Industry Academy with a concentration in Auto Tech and Collision Repair. In the Fall of 2017, we welcomed our first cohort of T-STEM freshman and these kids were ready for any and all of the challenges that came their way. As tradition goes, every year we welcome our Academy students with an Induction Ceremony to officially welcome them to this new experience provided by the district of La Joya. Students were able to meet and interact with students from La Joya High School and Juarez Lincoln High School who also choose the path of the T-STEM endorsement.

On January 23, 2018 ninth grade students from Palmview High School T-STEM Academy along with students from Juarez-Lincoln High School, La Joya High School, and The Academy of Health Science Professions and STEM were inducted into the first cohort of The Academies of La Joya T-STEM class of 2021. This celebration marks the start of a great journey for our ninth grade students here at Palmview High School T-STEM Academy. The students took part in a pinning ceremony which was led by our Superintendent of Schools Dr. Alda T. Benavides. The pin symbolized the student’s official induction into the Academies of La Joya ISD under the Academy of T-STEM. The students were accompanied by a crowd of parents, teachers, administrators, district leadership, and their perspective Academy Directors. The induction ceremony strengthens our vision of unity and shows the students that they are now official members of our T-STEM Academy. Now the journey continues and we strive to transform the secondary school experience. The students will be exposed to real-world careers in the field of STEM and continue their studies towards STEM related job opportunities. Welcome Class of 2021!


By: Luis C. Bocanegra, T-STEM Academy Director

Palmview High School T-STEM Academy students contributed during the Elementary STEM Camps organized by Ms. Clemencia Garza, Director for Instructional Resources and Technology, and her team of amazing teachers. The fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) are one of the fastest growing career fields and it is imperative that we introduce them to our students at a young age. Our T-STEM Academy students learned first-hand the importance to get younger students interested in the STEM field. They worked with elementary students and provided guidance during the hands on STEM stations. Our students also shared their personal experiences with the elementary students. They spoke to them about the benefits of being in a T-STEM Academy as well as perusing future careers in STEM. Palmview High School T-STEM Academy strives to challenge our students to think analytically as they form life-long scholarly skills that will empower them to graduate college ready, career ready, workforce ready, and propel them in becoming 21st Century Professionals. The elementary students were very receptive to the information that was shared with them. Palmview High School T-STEM Academy would like to thank Ms. Clemencia Garza and her team for giving our students this great opportunity and we look forward to continue our partnership with the upcoming STEM Camps.

Front row: Lessly Muñoz, Aaron Gonzalez, Anaili Garcia, Carlos Peña, Guvany Valle

Second row: Wendy Hernandez, Daisy Velez

Top Row: Mr. Luis C. Bocanegra, T-STEM Academy Director

Daisy Velez assists in the circuit station by showing how circuits can travel through fruits.

Lessly Muñoz assists in the chemical change station where students created slime.

Anaili Garcia and Azeneth Hinojosa assist in the technology station where student create videos using I-Pads to promote STEM communication.

EduGuide President and Trellis Foundation Executive Director Visit Palmview T-STEM Academy

By: Luis Bocanegra, T-STEM Academy Director

Palmview High School T-STEM Academy was honored to host Mr. Bryan Taylor, EduGuide President, and Ms. Kristin J. Boyer, Executive Director for the Trellis Foundation. Mr. Taylor identified our T-STEM Academy as a leading school using EduGuide and its services for students and teachers with fidelity. Mr. Taylor and Ms. Boyer spent time with our staff and students learning about our implementation of EduGuide. They conducted student interviews as well as classroom visits. At Palmview T-STEM Academy we use EduGuide as a means to address social and emotional learning. We pride ourselves in the fact that our students use this platform to express themselves at different levels. Teachers serve as coaches and they provide positive comments for students. By interacting with the students through a different platform, the teacher are able to truly understand their student’s social and emotional needs. EduGuide has helped our students grow both socially and emotionally, thus increasing their academic potential. When bonds are made in the classroom both the teacher and the students grow academically. Palmview T-STEM Academy looks forward to becoming a demonstration site for EduGuide and we gladly open our doors for future learning tours. We strive to meet all the social, emotional, and educational needs of all our students.

From Left to Right

Mr. Luis Bocanegra, T-STEM Academy Director, Aaron Gonzalez, Azeneth Hinojosa, Mr. Bryan Taylor, EduGuide President, Tiara Galvan, Ms. Kristin J. Boyer, Executive Director for the Trellis Foundation, and Ethan Contreras.

From Left to Right

Mrs. Yvonne Ayala, Palmview High School Principal, Ms. Kristin J. Boyer, Executive Director for the Trellis Foundation, Mr. Bryan Taylor, EduGuide President, Mr. Luis Bocanegra, T-STEM Academy Director.