Physics with Mr. Knight

Hello: Welcome to Regents Physics. I am Mr. Knight. This is my 12th year teaching and have taught a variety of subjects ranging from Algebra 1, AIS Algebra /Geometry, to General Physics and Regents Physics. I started my career teaching at Cicero North Syracuse HS (I know, I am a true warrior now, trust me!), then transitioned to Altmar-Parish- Williamstown CSD (The District with all of the snow days!), to my new home here at Liverpool High School. I cannot be more excited to share my enthusiasm of learning physics with your children. Speaking of, what is physics...

Look up, look down, look all around. What do you see? You see a world of motion, sound, light, energy, atoms, and forces. No matter the subject or job, physics is there… somewhere. It is my job to point out how physics is everywhere in a manner that is practical yet relevant to everyday life. This course will contain a mixture of lecture, demos, labs, activities, and yes… math.

My job isn't just to entertain, but to educate in a fun yet safe environment. We will use PiTM (Physics in The Movies) to see concepts at work, hear how artists have used physics to create song hits and analyze what the physics is in their songs, and learn how to decode problems into chunks that are easier to solve. (Logical thought)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: