Lisle Elementary LRC 

Let's Read!

The Lisle Elementary LRC website is ready to help our Lisle Community to connect, find resources,
and share the enjoyment of reading.  Please feel free to email Mrs. Weeks (
with any comments, questions or something you'd like to share.

What would you like to do? Click the picture below to find resources.

Find books that you would like to check out from our library

Find helpful resources for technology

Find a book to read online on your device

Find search engines to help you find information

Find research databases to help you find information on a topic

Find websites to help you practice your reading and math skills

When You Check Out a Book in the LRC

The Library Resource Center is open throughout the entire school day for students to check out, return or renew books. 

The number of books students may check out is:

Friendly reminder that students may ask for books to be placed on hold if the books are not available for check out. There are no late fines or overdue fees; however, replacement costs might be charged for lost or damaged books. When you check out and read your book, please:

1. Use clean Hands.

2. Keep books in a safe place.

3. Use a bookmark and turn pages from the top.

4. Do not eat or drink near your library books.