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Mission and Vision

The Mission of the LCSD library media program is to ensure a lifelong love of reading and to teach students transferable skills that enable them to thoughtfully and safely seek out information in academic and real-life situations. 

Our goal is to provide all students with equitable access to timely nonfiction materials that support the curriculum, align with state library standards,  and are grade-appropriate, in addition to fiction titles that are popular, grade-appropriate, fun reading materials that encourage independent reading. 

Strong School Library defined: 

“'Strong school library program' means a planned effort to ensure the instruction of students, school staff, and the broader learning community in library skills, information literacy, and educational technology; such a program promotes a rich array of literacy experiences supporting life-long reading; facilitates collaboration in lesson planning and instruction; ensures equitable access to library resources and licensed school librarians; and develops and manages current, plentiful, and diverse library collections of print and electronic resources that support classroom curricula and student interests."

Oregon Department of EducationChapter 581Division 22STANDARDS FOR PUBLIC ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS581-022-2250District Improvement Plan(section L)

Each school Media and Library Assistant is supported at the school level as well as at the district level by our District Media Specialist, Michelle Cottrell and the Director of Technology, Bryan Freschi. Each school has a highly qualified Library Assistant who work with the students and use the library skills lessons provided by the District Librarian while creating a program unique for their students and staff. Our library program also supports LCSD teachers in digital citizenship, research skills, Chromebook support, and technology support.