Liberty Education Foundation

It's All About Our Kids

24 Annual

18 Hole Golf Tournament!

Saturday, June 11, 2022 12:00 - 6:00 PM

Arrowhead Golf Course - Camp Point , IL

Additional details and entry form are available here.

Our Children are Our Future

That's why a group of community-minded people banded together and created the Liberty Education Foundation in August 1995. They understood that an investment in our children is an investment in the future success of our whole community!

You Can Help!

Any size of tax-deductible donation from you will help make good things happen above and beyond the normal budgetary constraints of the school district. Over the years the Liberty Education Foundation has funded thousands of dollars of grants made possible by people like you to help improve the educational experience of students at all grade levels at Liberty School.

Many Donation Options are Available

Whether you are considering a regular "unrestricted" donations, a donation to a specific "department" at the school, a more permanent "endowment" donation, or other support of our Foundation, you'll be comfortable knowing that we always work hard to get the biggest "bang" for your bucks.

We work with the school staff to analyze their needs, and regularly make suggestions on how we can s-t-r-e-t-c-h each dollar that we handle to get the best value for our students, present, and future.

Unrestricted Donations

are used by our board to make grants available to our staff members for current special project needs. All grade levels are regularly improved with current donations we receive. There have generally been two rounds of grants awarded each school year, one in the fall semester and one in the spring.

Department Donations

are made when the donor has a strong affinity for a specific area of interest with Liberty School, and they wish to see their funds benefit that particular area of study, school activity or school-based organization. Those funds are then earmarked within the grant application review process and can only be used in support of that specific area.

Endowment Donations

For people who want to make a permanent gift, a donation to the endowment fund will ensure that their gift will keep on giving, year after year since the donation is invested on behalf of the Foundation. Only the earnings from the Endowment Fund can be spent in the current year. The principal remains unused and provides a future earnings stream for projects forever.

Memorials and Bequests

If you lose someone "near and dear" to you, consider directing "memorials" to the Liberty Education Foundation. Flowers and other forms of support at a time of grief are always appreciated, but a memorial to the Foundation will have positive long-lasting effects for our kids for many years to come. Also, when you are working on your estate plan, talk to your attorney about leaving a "bequest" to the Foundation in your will. Your generous spirit can live on for years by providing benefits for our school, our kids, and our community.

Golf FUN-Raiser

Each summer we sponsor a golf "tournament" to raise awareness of the Foundation, as well as to raise funds for current grant needs. We also put this event together to have fun and the participants all know it's all about the kids! If you are interested in participating in the golf outing as a team, hole sponsor, raffle donor, or other supported, please let us know. we'd love to have you on board!