STEAM Buyer's Guide

STEAM Kits & Resources for Educators

Welcome to the STEAM Buyer's Guide!

LHRIC Model Schools has created this guide to assist educators in learning about new and exciting kits that support STEAM instruction throughout various grade levels and subjects areas. We understand that navigating through all of the options can be time consuming and overwhelming, and hope that you find this guide helpful.

Our STEAM Buyer's Guide: STEAM Kits for Educators is a resource that can be used to learn or plan for new Maker Spaces, or expand your existing STEAM toolkit. As we all know, technology is always expanding and transforming, as will this guide. The kits included are intended to showcase popular tools used in education, as well as provide insights on how to apply them.

On this welcome page you will find additional key information, as well as a feedback section that we encourage you to use to help us continue to expand the Guide.

For kits used in Model Schools sessions, please visit our Playdates @ LHRIC IT page on this website.

This guide is for educational purposes only inclusion of products does not represent LHRIC Endorsement.

About This Guide


Each page of this buyers guide is related to a different category of kits that ties to STEAM. Subject areas were avoided as they can be applied to a wide variety of subjects.

Kit Details

All kits listed in this buyers guide include information to simplify kit exploration through an educational lens. Technical requirements, kit compatibility, bundle suggestions, available educator resources as well as other key information are highlighted.

Grade/Age Grouping

Many items in the STEAM Buyer's Guide have been grouped based on recommended age of students.

These kits may be appropriate for age/grade ranges above and below the indicated recommendations. We suggest reviewing the product’s operational and safety information when making purchasing decision for younger grades.

STEAM Kit by Categories


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This guide is for educational purposes only. Inclusion of products does not represent LHRIC endorsement.