Oliver Jeffers is Northern Irish. He likes to tell stories and draw at the same time. He was born in Australia, grew up in Belfast and now lives and works in Brooklyn. Below are some videos which showcase how Oliver Jeffers creates his picture books you may want to explore these with your students.

Below you will find various activities for your students to explore the themes touched upon in Oliver Jeffers' book “Here We Are” .

We have also given suggested activities you could do with your students to future explore the themes.

To support you we have created lesson slides and have given you an extracts from the book.

Extracts from 'Here We Are'

'Here We Are' Lesson Slides

'Here We Are' Lesson Tasks

We have a a series of comprehension self-marking quizzes, the quizzes are designed to allow KS1 pupils to practise and apply their skills of the Content Domains. They have been written in a progressive order, and using different question types, to support KS1 pupils of different abilities.

'Here We Are' Quiz 1A

'Here We Are' Quiz 1B

Below you will find links to other LGfL resources which link to the themes mentioned in Oliver Jeffers' book “Here We Are”