LGfL’s Computing Resource Centre:

  • Offers guidance and support for computing leaders and the teaching of the computing curriculum.

  • Is a 'one-stop-shop' for all of LGfL’s computing resources joining together various resources from the portfolio, including a spotlight on computing.

  • Offers an example Scheme of Work for the subject of computing.

  • Offers an open-door policy for support via emails, calls and video calls giving computing leaders the support they need.

  • Provides free in-depth CPD sessions to further the teaching of Computing (3 sessions run termly = 9 per academic year)

1:1 curriculum surgeries for computing leaders.

Information Technology: explore resources that can support the IT 'pillar' of computing

j2e Toolsuite

Busy Things

BBC Sound Effects

Digital Literacy: explore resources that can support the Digital Literacy 'pillar' of computing

Online Safety Portal


Safe Skills

Computer Science: explore resources that can support the computer science 'pillar' of computing

Spotlight on Computer Science

Space Adventures


External Resources: Free 3rd party organisations that can support the subject of computing

Teach Computing

Barefoot Computing

Computing at School

Rewind Training: recorded and chapterised on-demand CPD

Research: explore various papers and reports from various organisations

After the Reboot

Computational Thinking

Research Review Series: Computing

Videos: Explore recorded advice from previous events and conferences

LGfL Support for Computing

Technology as a tool in the EYFS

Use of Technology with Mr P

Guidance and Key Documents: example templates and documents to support computing

Computer Science Road Map

CAS Primary guide

Computing SoW Example

Computing Training: Book a place on our free live interactive sessions