Social Emotional Wellness

for families and students

Text HOPE4SC to 741741 to connect with a crisis counselor.

SEL is supported by SC State Standards and the Profile of a SC Graduate.

These are a few resources selected by the District Five PK-12 Social Emotional Learning Committee that may prove helpful to families and students. Links to sites not maintained by the district may change; preview and skip any ads. Please choose the resources that make the best fit for you.

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Page 2: Preschool Student Resources

Page 3: K-5 Student Resources

Page 4: 6-8 Student Resources

Page 5: 9-12 Student Resources

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This series of videos creates opportunities for parents and children to talk together about feelings, thoughts, relaxation, and mindfulness. There are three separate versions of all five topics: one for elementary children, one set for middle level students, and another for high school students.

D5 sponsored a viewing of the Indieflix documentary LIKE, a film-based education program exploring the impact of social media on our lives and the effects of technology on the brain. These resources were made available to share with our D5 community.

Dashboard to Resources

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NFL player Matthew Cherry and other dads use hair time for relationship-building with their daughters.

Consider these ten topics on resilience (each via podcast and transcript), including 4 kinds of resilience to cultivate in yourself and your family.

This is a source of activities written with younger children in mind, which can easily be adapted for older children.

featured conversations and conversation-starters for connecting during family meal times

parenting guides on a wide range of topics

science-based advice for parents around several character traits

resources provided by the SC Department of Education

Check out the Virtual Calming Room designed by D5 Digital Integration Specialists!

online safety, ratings, and guidance about all things related to social media and entertainment

social parenting guides divided by age range

expert podcasts to help parents understand and manage child and family mental health issues

science-based strategies for strengthening family connections and preparing youth to thrive; specific to parents of pre-teens and teens

Resources specifically for parents of preschool children

First Five SC is a new online resource to help connect families of young children to over 40 public services.

practices for promoting young children's healthy social and emotional development

social and emotional development information for parents of children age birth to three years

resources for parents and children age 2-5 on resilience, divorce, and incarceration

District Five's own Parenting and Social Work services includes a team of Family Educators who support families with young children. Visit their site and check out their hand-picked resources!