Flexible Innovative Virtual Education

School Counseling Program


Charging into the future, FIVE promotes diverse learning opportunities for all students through Flexible, Innovative, Virtual, Education.

The mission of the FIVE Comprehensive School Counseling Program is to provide an innovative, comprehensive, developmental, and results-oriented plan reflective of the collaborative partnership FIVE fosters among district five schools, students, family, and community. Education of the whole student includes addressing the academic, career, interpersonal, and emotional developmental needs of all students to meet their unique needs in pursuit of attaining their educational goals.

The FIVE School Comprehensive School Counseling Program will empower students to make focused decisions for the direction of their life goals as a result of this program. The program will support each student in realizing his or her maximum potential while contributing to their local and global society.

Learn more about the steps to take when applying for college and get important links.

Explore resources that allow you to gain exposure to work-force trends and find out what it takes to land and keep a job.

Utilize valuable links and information to social/emotional resources.

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