LPS School Committee

The Lexington School Committee establishes educational goals and policies for the schools in the district, consistent with the requirements of law and statewide goals and standards.

(left to right) Larry Freeman; Kathleen Lenihan; Sara Cuthbertson, Chair; Dr. Julie Hackett, Superintendent; Deepika Sawhney, Vice-Chair; Eileen Jay

To Contact the School Committee:

Mail for the School Committee may be sent to:

Lexington School Committee, Lexington Public Schools, 146 Maple Street, Lexington, MA 02420

Committee E-mail may be sent to: school-com@lexingtonma.org.

To reach individual members of the school committee, click on the names in the table above. There are links to each members individual School Committee mail accounts.

Please keep in mind that E-mail created or received by the School Committee is a public record and subject to the requirements of the Public Records Law. G. L. c. 66. For more information, see the Supervisor of Public Record Bulletin 1-99.

Sara Cuthbertson, Chair Term: 2020-2023

I feel privileged to put my experience as a former elementary educator and PTO volunteer to work on the Lexington School Committee. I have two children in grades two and six, and have truly appreciated the great educational experiences they have had in Lexington. One of the most valuable benefits that I have gained from my volunteer roles has been making connections and building relationships across Lexington, and I will carry that with me as I serve Lexington's educators, staff, students, and families.

Deepika Sawhney, Vice-Chair Term: 2021-2024

Lexingtonians are well intentioned, hardworking people who are generous with their time and efforts to create better schools, community, and town. As a couple, we settled here over twenty five years ago, and have raised a family of two children, two cats, and a dog. Along the way, I have added an MBA, MIS (Information Systems) from Boston University and an Ed.M from Harvard, to my Textile Design degree from India. Even though I have had many rewarding experiences while working in consulting firms and nonprofits, the most fulfilling have been as a parent volunteer for LPS; as a Big Backyard volunteer, STEM club coach, PTO president, LEF board member, or simply an extra pair of hands when required. In my effort to give back to LPS, I endeavor to be, and do, my best while serving on the School Committee. Together we can build happy futures for all our kids!

Kathleen Lenihan, Clerk Term: 2021-2024

My commitment to public education goes back to my work as a high school Social Studies teacher in Western Massachusetts and Revere. When my children started school, I became involved with the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) at Bowman and then at Clarke and LHS, serving as the PTO president at each school. I now have two LHS graduates and my youngest is a 10th grader. Lexington is a wonderful community and I'm proud to serve the students, parents, and staff on the School Committee.

Eileen Jay Term: 2022-2025

I have professional experience as an educational researcher at Harvard University where I earned a Doctorate in Education, so thinking about how students learn is what excites me. My two children attended elementary through high school in Lexington, and I have been actively involved with the schools for over 20 years. I love how engaged people in Lexington are and I enjoy talking with folks around town. Always happy to chat with you!

Larry Freeman Term: 2022 - 2025

I am excited to serve and bring my broad and unique perspectives to the Lexington School Committee. As a parent of two children in the Lexington schools, and from my experiences as a School Site Council Member, PTO Board Member, and Co-Chair of the Student Health Advisory Council, I know first-hand where LPS succeeds as well as the areas that require more attention. A comprehensive and inclusive education gives all students the opportunity to reach their full potential. I believe in asking difficult questions, being open to different perspectives, listening to learn, and building consensus. I invite you to be an active contributor in creating programs and supports for all students.