Lexington High School 

Science Department

Lexington High School Science teachers are committed to ALL students and believe in the following characterstics as educators

About our program

The Lexington High School Science Department offers a comprehensive four-year science program that is engaging, relevant and rigorous. The program is designed to inspire all students to experience wonder and appreciation for the natural and designed world and to prepare them for success as students, scientists and global citizens. 

Throughout our program we engage students in the eight Science and Engineering Practices identified in the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Framework:

 For more information about our course offerings, please see the Science Section of the LHS Program of Studies.

Program Leader: Reginald Hobbs rhobbs@lexingtonma.org  

Science Office: Room 304 - LHS Science Building               

Phone: 781.861.2320 ext. 69304                                           

Fax: 781.861.2379 .                                           

Program Secretary: Patricia Lyons plyons@lexingtonma.org