Lexington High School

English Department

Department Head: Jane Day

Email: jday@lexingtonma.org

Phone: 781-861-2320 x69254

Office: LHS, Room 228

Administrative Assistant: Suzanne Rooney 781-861-2320 x69254

Email: srooney@lexingtonma.org

SUMMER READING 2022: Click the link to find a list of suggested summer readings.

The goal of any summer reading is engagement and enjoyment. The best thing you can do to keep your mind sharp is read. Sometimes choosing what to read is a challenge--there are so many great titles!

With this in mind, the LHS English Department has created the following suggested titles for optional additional summer reading for those who may be looking for more specific guidance. These readings are separated by grade. The readings under each grade are best suited for that rising class due to reading difficulty and connection to course topics and themes. Again, these are just suggestions--we’d like you to read whatever you’d like and have access to!

Mission Statement

The English program at Lexington High School is designed to improve all students’ writing, reading, speaking, and critical thinking skills. Across grade levels, courses reinforce the skills and habits of mind students need to be life-long learners.

Students will:

· learn to produce coherent and cohesive writing, use precise vocabulary, and develop topics with purposeful structure and organization; and to write for multiple purposes and multiple audiences. Students develop the perseverance they need to approach writing as a process through rewriting, peer review, and revision.

· develop an interest in reading and learn to consume culture critically: they think critically about what they read and the world in which they live. Students read literature from multiple genres, cultures, and times to inspire discussion and reflection about what it means to be human.

· respond critically and thoughtfully to each other through discussion and to present information for multiple purposes and audiences.

· practice fruitful and responsible collaboration in the classroom and across multiple online platforms.

English Department’s Anti-Racism Statement (Updated 9/9/20)

In solidarity with our district’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the LHS English department recognizes the ways in which the English classroom is uniquely positioned to engender empathy and the ways in which it has historically fallen short. As we continue to cultivate the anti-racist practices crucial to dismantling systemic inequities, we will also look to our roots to identify the unlearning necessary to break the cycle of racism and other forms of oppression. This is not the task of one year, but rather an ongoing commitment to examine and shift the perspectives of our community in order to truly ensure that “we all belong.”