Elementary Literacy Learning & Dyslexia

This page is intended to serve as a resource for families and community members interested in learning more about elementary literacy learning in Lexington Public Schools, and especially how LPS supports students with risk factors for dyslexia or other language-based learning disabilities.  Click on the four icons below to learn more about how Lexington Public Schools structures and supports literacy learning for students, and how the district identifies and responds to students who are striving to read.  

Dyslexia Task Force Information

The Dyslexia Task Force was first formed in 2016, and then reconvened with the release of the MA Dyslexia GuidelinesThe purpose of the Dyslexia Task Force (DTF) is to ensure that:

In order to meet our stated purposes, the DTF seeks to align, improve (when indicated by the MA Dyslexia Guidelines), and communicate district actions falling within the focus areas of: screening/identification, responding, and communications/monitoring.  Many of the implementation steps listed below will be well underway, or met, by December 2022, at which time the work of the Dyslexia Task Force will conclude.  Recognizing that learnings continue to evolve and work is never fully “done,” LPS will continue to expand upon this work beyond the Task Force through other aligned structures, including work pursued through the LPS Strategic Plan  (aligned with the LPS vision for “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion” and the goal to address and narrow equity gaps). Going forward we will include an update on this work in the LPS Annual Report on Effects to Reduce Systemic Barriers to Equity report. We also have the opportunity to continue this work through the Inclusion Community Input Team (CIT) and our continued partnership with the Lexington Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) and other community groups.  Ongoing monitoring and reporting will become the responsibility of the district, accountable to the School Committee.

2022-2023 Participants:

Caitlin Ahern, Director of Elementary Education

Monica Davis, Parent

Francine Hannan, Special Education Reading Teacher

Nicole Locher, Parent

Sara Calleja, K-5 Literacy Department Head

Jess Quattrocchi, Parent

Mona Roy, Parent

Ellen Sugita, Director of Special Education

Lori Wright, Parent

Elementary Principals (rotating)

Literacy Team Members (rotating)

Dyslexia Task Force Meeting Agendas

1/6/23 Dyslexia Task Force Meeting Agenda
10/14/22 Dyslexia Task Force Meeting Agenda
6/16/22 Dyslexia Task Force Meeting Agenda
3/10/22 Dyslexia Task Force Meeting
12/ 9/21Dyslexia Task Force Meeting
10/7/21 Dyslexia Task Force Fall Meeting