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Course Catalog Terminology 

When looking at a course code, what do all those letters mean? 

CW - college prep weight whole credit 

HW - honors weight whole credit 

EW - dual enrollment 

AW - Advanced Placement (AP) whole credit 

HH - honors weight half credit 

HQ - honors weight quarter credit 

When looking at a course, what does prerequisite mean? 

English 3  Honors 302600HW
Prerequisite: English 2 or English 2 Honors 

A prerequisite is a course that is required before another course can be taken. In the example above, English 2 or English 2 Honors must be taken before English 3 Honors can be taken. 

When looking at a course, what does recommended mean? 

English 3 Honors 302600HW
Recommended: Grade of 80 or better in the previous English course 

If a course has recommended, it means what follows is recommended to register for the course but is not required. In the example above, it is recommended that students earn a grade of 80 or better in their previous English class in order to register for English 3 Honors. 

Diploma Pathways / Seals of Distinction

2022-2023 * Lexington School District One Curriculum Frameworks Template

Career and Technology / International Baccalaureate (IB)

Dual Enrollment / The College Center (TCC) 

**Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and/or Dual Enrollment courses follow the course description set by the associated organization/institution. This means the course content must adhere to their specific requirements. By enrolling in this course, families and students acknowledge that the course content and materials may go beyond what is authorized by South Carolina state standards and regulations. 

Career and Technology Education (CTE) Pathways

Lexington One International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

Dual Enrollment Courses

Centers for Advanced Study 

21-22 WKHS Center for Public Health and Advanced Medial Studies Brochure.pdf

Center for Public Health and Advanced Medical Studies at White Knoll High School 

CMAD Brochure PDF.pdf

Center for Media Arts at River Bluff High School

Center Flyer 2023.pdf

Center for Advanced Agribusiness Research at Pelion High School 

Law Center Flyer 2024.pdf

Center for Law and Global Policy Development at River Bluff High School 

Lex1 IB Diploma Program Brochure.pdf

Lex1 IB Diploma Program at Lexington High School

Course catalog_STEM (1).pdf

Center for Advanced STEM Studies at Lexington Technology Center