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Patrick Nyhuis 

5th & 6th Grade

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5th Grade Lion Life 

Robyn Feldman

7th Grade

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Kelly Whalen 

8th Grade       

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Counseling Program of the Leonia School District is to assist every student in acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become well-rounded individuals, responsible and contributing citizens, lifelong learners, and productive workers. School Counselors, in partnership with other educators, parents/guardians and the community, provide a support system to foster an environment in which all students are prepared with the knowledge and skills to contribute at the highest level as productive members of society.


The Leonia School District adheres to the philosophy that the school counseling program is an essential and integral part of the overall educational process. The counselors are actively committed to this purpose and strive to help our students understand that the choices made today will affect the choices they make in the future. 

Leonia School District offers a comprehensive developmental school counseling program, which addresses the academic, post-secondary, personal/social needs of the student body. The purpose of any school counseling program as defined by the American School Counselors Association is to impart specific skills and learning opportunities in a proactive and preventive manner, which ensures that students can achieve school success. The program is developmental, sequential and addresses the student’s need in three domains: academic career and personal/social throughout their Pre-K-12 schooling. In the academic domain, students will develop skills and attitudes necessary to achieve success in school, understand the relationship of learning to the world of work and “learn how to learn.” In the personal/social domain, students will develop respect for self and others and effective interpersonal skills to become responsible, contributing members of society. Our warm and caring environment invites all students to take advantage of the counseling resources available.

The comprehensive school counseling program is an integral component of the total educational experience of all students. A comprehensive school counseling program aims to serve every student, incorporates the National Standards for School Counseling Programs as its foundation, is data driven, proactive, prevention based, developmentally appropriate and supports school improvement.

Though a comprehensive program is available to all students, we recognize the need for some students to have other growth opportunities. While some may find it easy to adjust to change, others struggle with self-identity, family issues, social/emotional and academic difficulties. The program provides support to students in need as well as in crisis and offers services to meet those needs. Students may participate in a variety of small groups or see the counselors individually if needed. Parents, too, can receive support in similar ways through individual conferences. The students of Leonia School System have access to a wide variety of responsive services.

In order that students and families shall receive the most professional services possible, school counselors shall abide by the code of ethics in their delivery of services as is advocated by the American School Counselor Association. Additionally, school counselors shall participate in ongoing professional development activities designed to increase and enhance both their skills and credibility in the performance of their duties within the school community.

The professional school counselors believe every child can learn and all students have an equal right to access a certified school counselor and to participate in a comprehensive school counseling program designed to promote and encourage student success. The following principles are the foundation for the school counseling program.

The School Counselors believe:

In addition, the Leonia School District’s comprehensive school counseling program should

And that all counselors in the Leonia School District:

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