Leland & Gray Community Service

Leland & Gray are firm believers that community service is a worthwhile and potentially rewarding experience for everyone, but especially young people. Therefore a community service requirement for graduation of 40 hours is required, a commitment that may be spread over four years at L&G. The hours may be accumulated in small or large pieces, through one or several different agencies, alone or working with friends, and designed by a student in hopes of enriching both our community and the individual's personal growth.

What is Community Service?

  • Community service projects must be unpaid, volunteer work for a non-profit charitable organization (which relies on public funding and donations).
  • Examples of non-profit organizations are: churches, schools, the Humane Society, food banks, the Special Olympics, the Red Cross, etc.
  • Eligible service is not limited to Townshend or surrounding areas.
  • Eligible service for schools may not replace instructional time or be required for a grade.
  • Examples of excluded organizations are social clubs and political organizations.
  • Projects required for other programs (National Honors Society, Journey East, sports team, Student Council) can be counted for community service though in some cases, hours may be capped, and all hours must be pre-approved.

Why do community service?

  • Meet new people
  • Have responsibility
  • Challenge yourself
  • Gain many helpful qualities, like patience and independence
  • Help people who really need it
  • Interact with the community
  • Have fun
  • Feel good while helping others
  • Help the whole community, not just a few people

Job Opportunities: Students who have done community service for organizations may go on to become employees. Some students learn new possibilities for jobs or recommendations through those organizations.

College: If you have many community service experiences and/or your community services experiences are diverse, your high school transcript reflects this experience. College Admission Officers like to see that students have a connection within the community and take the initiative to help others.

Where to do Community Service: Community service hours can be earned with a non-profit organization. A non-profit organization is not a business but is an agency which serves the needs of a group of people or the community. Community service hours can be fulfilled by sharing your talents in other ways, such as performing music or helping teach basic computer skills at Valley Cares. Please view the opportunities tab above.


  • Students must perform 40 total service hours in order to graduate. It is suggested that this occur at a rate of 10 hours per year but students can complete hours ahead of time.
    • Beginning with the class of 2019, Community Service is now a graduation requirement and has been pro-rated for implementation beginning in January 2017.
      • Class of 2020: 35 Hours
      • Class of 2021, 2022 & 2023: 40 Hours
      • Class of 2024, 2025 & 2026: You may earn up to 10 hours of Community Service Hours during Middle School to count towards your High School Graduation requirement.
  • Transfer students’ requirements will be prorated using intervals of 5 hours (ex: midyear transfer in 10th grade will owe 25 hours prior to graduation).
  • You must complete 30 hours by your senior year otherwise you lose your senior privileges. Juniors must complete 30 hours of community services in order to attend the Prom and Seniors must complete their 40 hours of community service in order to attend the Prom.
    • For the 2019-2020 school year:
      • The Class of 2020 must have completed 35 hours in order to attend Prom in May 2020.

Questions can be address to your Community Service Coordinators, Phoebe Connolly (pconnolly@lelandandgray.org) and Terry Davison-Berger (tdavison-berger@lelandandgray.org)