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Mr. Jeter has 21 years of teaching experience in Lee County including 13 years as a middle school teacher (reading, art, digital arts, tv productions) and 8 years as a high school teacher (digital design, web design, art). He has earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Electronic Intermedia from the University of Florida, a Masters of Education in Computer Education, and is currently writing his dissertation for his Doctorate of Education. He has presented on topics relating to educational technology and digital design at the Futures in Educational Technology Conference for multiple years and has led trainings in the district. Mr. Jeter has been recognized as a Golden Apple Finalist, Golden Apple Teacher of Distinction, Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce Teacher of the Year, and Career & Technical Education Teacher of the Year. 

When he is not teaching, Mr. Jeter is usually kayaking, drawing (his artwork can be seen hanging in the Arts for ACT Gallery in downtown Fort Myers), or doing freelance graphic design work. He has designed album artwork and publicity for multiple bands, Citrus Records based in Tampa, Former Buccaneer and Florida Gator running back Earnest Graham, and many other clients. He is also an avid fan of ska and reggae music and has operated a ska music website and internet radio channel. He was recently married to Taylor Giany who is also a teacher (at Tropic Isles Elementary). Mr. Jeter’s purpose for teaching is to positively impact the lives of his students and equip them with tools for success and lifelong learning. To learn more about Mr. Jeter, visit http://www.andyjeter.com.



Students are graded based on achievement of objectives achieved in projects, class activities and assignments.  Final grades are composed of the following weighted categories:

Late Work

Late work will receive a three point deduction for each class period late. For example, if an assignment is turned in 3 class periods late, the highest possible grade is a 91%. Exceptions are made for students with excused absences, accomodations based on their IEP, or extenuating circumstances.


You may reach Mr. Jeter with any questions or concerns using the methods listed below:

Email: richardaj@leeschools.net

Phone: (239) 458-0362


Students will receive a daily grade of 100 for the following:

Electronic Device Policy

Mobile devices can be a helpful tool in the classroom, however, they can also be a major distraction that may negatively impact student achievement. To ensure that devices are only used for constructive purposes in the classroom, students are expected to only use them for designated purposes and at designated times. If students do not comply with this policy, they will be subject to the consequences outlined in the School's Cell Phone Policy.

Class Expectations

Students are expected to comply with the district’s code of conduct as well as school policies. To ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn and develop as artists in a productive and safe learning environment, the following classroom expectations are included as well: