Framework for the Future


Escondido Union School District is committed to actualizing the unlimited potential of every learner. A diverse group of education partners has come together to help define what's possible for students, families, staff, and our community. We are excited to share that this group kicked off designing the Escondido Framework for the Future in September 2021 and will continue to work together through the 2023-2024 school year. 

You can follow the journey and stay "in the know" through this website and be assured that our groups' work will:

The Framework for the Future will provide a north star that defines the learner outcomes, learning experiences and enabling conditions to inform decision-making and prioritization. 

Framework for the Future - English | Framework for the Future - Spanish (PDF)

Our Framework for the Future will be designed in 3 phases using the human-centered Design Thinking protocol. 

Phase 1 consists of listening to those who are at the center of the EUSD school system: the students. 

Using the “Continue-Start-Stop” protocol, students were guided through a discovery conversation allowing them to reflect on their personal academic experiences and then work collaboratively to summarize their collective academic experiences and journey.

The word cloud below is composed of the skills students expressed they need to be successful during and after their Escondido USD journey.

Phase 2 is defining Whole-Learner Outcomes. This is called the "Learner Profile". Find the Escondido USD draft Learner Profile here

A learner profile supports the following shifts to set systems up such that ALL students can reach their full potential.

A learner profile is 

Phase 3 is defining the learning experiences that will support learners in achieving the desired outcomes. 

This is called the "Learning Model". 

Why do we need a learning model? 

The Learning Model establishes the learning experiences to achieve your whole-child outcomes. It provides a catalyst to align systems, processes, and structures necessary to support students in developing and demonstrating the outcomes. Ultimately, it’s the framework for pedagogical change and provides the fence posts for what teaching and learning should look like. 

A Learning Model supports the following shifts to set systems up such that ALL students can reach their full potential.