Dover Bay Learning 8

We've created this website for students and parents of Dover Bay Secondary School Grade 8 to help answer all the questions that come up during the transition to high school.

Our goal is to build a community of learners that includes staff, students, parents and organizations from the community. We are dedicated to helping students build life-long learning skills. To make this possible, we:

  • solve complex problems together

  • reflect on our care and concerns for others

  • explore cross-curriculum content through relevant, real-life inquiry

  • use a variety of learning strategies

  • focus on critical and creative thinking, communication, and personal and social responsibilities

  • have fun!

Our team of teachers in the grade 8 program believes in whole-child education including character education, a growth mindset, meta-cognition of learning, self-advocacy, as well as developing core and curricular competencies as set out by the Ministry of Education.

Dover Bay School Vision