About Mrs. Addino

The Addino Family

(and Russell from Up)

On our First Day of School - September 2017

Off to Kindergarten!

Oh the places you'll go!

Hi there! Here's a bit about me... I live in Orangeburg with my husband and son. We are always out and about so you never know where you might run into us - ShopRite, OMM Fields, a carnival, King Kone, LBI in the Summer, or just taking a walk down the street!

My hobbies (when I find time) include reading, shopping for great shoes, cooking, watching and reciting lines from 1980's movies, and hosting family/friend gatherings in my home.

When I was younger, I dreamed of one day becoming a world class Olympic gymnast, but quickly changed goals into becoming an actress, a writer, a television producer, and ultimately, an educator. It's actually a great career for me because I get to do all the things I dreamed about, just in a different way! Teachers are all of those things - and more!

My greatest achievement in my life has been becoming a mom. It truly is the greatest joy - even on my worst day, and I look forward to each new day as an adventure! Like Russell says, "The wilderness must be explored!" In my life, the wilderness is everyday with my students, friends, and family.