Learning From Home Resources for Students

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Learning From Home Tips

Set up a schedule: It is important to build a routine for your day that includes regular breaks, focused study time and then work time for assignments. Make sure you are not spending all your time on a device, look for activities you can do that are non-tech related.

Have a special place you do your school work: It is important to have an area in the house that you always use for you studies that is free of distractions. By building in this routine, you will have less trouble focusing and less distractions to deal with.

Connect with the teacher: You should be checking in with the teacher every day during regularly scheduled class times. If you have questions on your assignments, please reach out to your teachers online. Make sure if you feel like you need help, do not be afraid to ask for it.

Make time for yourself: Make sure you make time in every day that is just for you. Go for a walk, listen to your music, or maybe ride your bike.