Updated May 2020


Should faculty, staff or students need help troubleshooting with something on their district owned device, please call the Leander ISD Help Desk at (512) 570-0566

Pickup & Deployment

  • Secondary mLISD deployment for 2020-2021 will be delayed until the beginning of the school year -OR- when instruction returns to campuses
    • Device deployment/recovery is typically at the end of the school year
    • This includes incoming 6th Graders
  • Students with devices currently checked out will keep their devices until their campus deployment/recovery date
    • If students will be attending a different LISD School, they will take their device to their new campus
  • New students can choose to participate in mLISD. Campus Techs will be making appointments to deploy devices on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1 pm-3 pm until the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

Payments for mLISD Laptops

The payment window is now open for families to secure their secondary students’ district-provided laptops for the upcoming 20-21 school year. Newly participating students in Grades 6-11 will be issued devices by appointment only through the end of May. Once a payment or scholarship is received, the parent will be contacted by the Campus Technologist to schedule an appointment. For students who pay after the end of May, devices will be issued at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year or when instruction returns to campuses.

**Students with devices currently checked out will keep their devices and bring them to their campuses once on-campus instruction continues for the 2020-2021 school year. Students moving to a new LISD campus will also take their device with them.

**Students entering Grade 6 will be issued devices at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year or when instruction returns to campuses.

LISD understands that families may not be able to pay the mLISD fee at this time. As stated above, students who have not paid for the upcoming school year will still keep their devices over the summer until they return to campus. Families can choose to participate at any time between now and then to ensure that their student(s) will have a 1:1 device once on-campus instruction continues.

Price: $70 for entire year or $35 for students receiving free or reduced lunch.

Payment methods:

A) Debit/credit cards through the mLISD website

B) For students in need of a scholarship, please send an email to Include the following in the email:

  • Student Name
  • Campus
  • Student ID Number
  • Parent Phone Number

Students Withdrawing

  • Registrars will notify the student/parent if they currently have a device checked out.
  • Campus Techs will contact the student to schedule a time to return the device.
  • Students/parents who do not return a device will be fined for the replacement cost of the device and potentially receive a filed police report against them.

Outgoing 8th Graders

  • Current 8th Graders will keep their devices over the summer and return them to their High School.
  • Current 8th graders will receive new devices at their High Schools at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year or when instruction returns to campuses.


If your student is experiencing problems with their laptop, have questions or would like quick training, please have your student arrive early to school to visit the Coyote Information Specialists in the library before school. Students are also able to visit them during the school day.

We also have troubleshooting information available online. Please click on your section at the top of this web page.


If you have recently paid for a laptop and wish to have your student pick it up, please have your student bring their receipt to school and request to visit the library before school. A laptop will be issued then.

For all other specific questions please email me at Because of the busyness of the school day, emails can be returned promptly however voicemails will have a delayed response.

If you would like to know more about the MLISD Laptop Initiative you may access all information here:


To pay the mLISD laptop fee, please use this link: PAY mLISD LAPTOP FEE

Contact information:

Elias Rodriguez - Campus Technologist

Email: (best method to get a hold of me)

Phone: 512-570-3635 (direct line)**

**If you call me, please understand that my response time will be a lot slower. Because I have students in my office a lot and can't have an uninterrupted conversation, email is the preferred method of communication. I will answer you within 24hrs.

Pay your laptop fee HERE

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