Wiley Middle School Technology


We have successfully seen most of the 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

Friday will be a day designated to touch base with kids who were absent on the pickup date to rescan or collect their laptops.

However, some of you paid passed the pickup date deadline. We ran a list of paid/unpaid status's for kids at 8am on the date of pickup. If you paid passed that time/deadline, and I collected your child's laptop, they will have an opportunity to pick up that laptop Thursday, June 1, 2017. This will take place before or after school. I will not be deviating from this date. I apologize that you paid after the deadline and expect your laptop back , however during this process of seeing so many kids and accounting for each laptop, I must give laptops back on one designated day for those who paid passed the deadline.

They will receive the same laptop back, however it may be a different charger.


If your student is experiencing problems with their laptop, have questions or would like quick training, please have your student arrive early to school to visit Mrs. Dixon in the library from 8:15-first bell. There is no pass necessary and parents need not accompany their child. If they need help during class, they need to let their teacher know and they will submit the help ticket and I will call the students down.


If you have recently paid for a laptop and wish to have your student pick it up, please have your student bring their receipt to school and request to visit the library before school. A laptop will be issued then.

For all other specific questions please email me at jennifer.dixon@leanderisd.org. Because of the busyness of the school day, emails can be returned promptly however voicemails will have a delayed response.

If you would like to know more about the MLISD Laptop Initiative you may access all information here:


To pay the MLISD laptop fee, please use this link: PAY MLISD LAPTOP FEE