The purpose of Team Building is to challenge LISD students, staff and patrons to enhance their communication and problem solving skills through individual learner involvement as set forth in the LISD Graduate Profile.


Each Leander ISD Team Building participant will be provided opportunities for personal growth through experiential education that empowers he/she to apply the Leander ISD Ethical Principles in their lives by:

  • Expanding communication and "soft" skills

  • Enhancing teamwork skills

  • Embracing diversity

  • Building self-confidence and trust in others

  • Using problem-solving and adversity to grow


  • Enhance leadership skills for each participant

  • Increase the level of self-confidence for each participant

  • Increase the level of acceptance / trust within each group of participants

  • Increase each participant’s feeling of connection within the school setting

  • Create a culture in a classroom by building relationships