I want to change my schedule. How can I do this?

        • Changes to schedules are only ideal in certain circumstances/situations. It is not always possible to grant every schedule change request. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your grade level counselor.

How do I find out what my child's homework is, when tests are, and how I can get a report from the teachers on progress?

        • It is your child's responsibility to know what their homework is. However, we understand some students may be working on learning a system that best works for them. Good places to check for updates on homework and upcoming tests:
            • Teacher's google calendar (may be found on teacher's website) or their website.
            • Classroom teacher's whiteboard. Teachers write valuable information on their whiteboard daily. Have your child write down the teachers weekly calendar found on the whiteboard.
            • Please contact your child's teacher via email to find out how they are doing in class. If necessary, contact your child's team leader to set up a team meeting where all four core teachers are present.