Running Brushy Middle School Technology

SusanM Anderson - Campus Technologist


2017/2018 mLISD school year fees

All RBMS students, including incoming 5th graders, will be able to pay the $70 yearly mLISD fee ($35 for free/reduced lunch students) beginning Saturday, April 1. Current RBMS students who have paid the fee by their grade level pickup date will be able to keep their laptop over the summer!

Pay the mLISD fee here!

Students who have not paid the fee will turn their laptops in and have it stored for the summer by RBMS Tech. Students will be required to turn in what was issued to them: laptop and power cord . Students will keep their sleeves and will use again them next year. The laptop should be free of any stickers/vinyls and should only have the student's name label and silver bar code on the lid. Should the student not turn in the power cord, they will be assessed a $40.00 fine until the power cord is turned in.

Laptop pick up dates are as follows...

Tuesday, May 16 - 7th grade

Wednesday, May 17 - 6th grade

Thursday, May 18 - 8th grade

Incoming 6th graders will receive their laptops within the first couple weeks of the 2017/2018 school year.