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Howdy! My name is Christie Foux (rhymes with jokes) and this is my third year teaching at Reagan Elementary and my eighteenth year teaching. For my first three years of teaching, I taught second grade in San Antonio, TX with Northside ISD. I started teaching there right after I graduated from college and it was an exciting learning experience. After 3 years of teaching in San Antonio, I moved to Austin, where I taught second grade at Kathy Caraway Elementary for 12 years. Fifteen years is a long time to be in the same grade and I was fortunate to do so. I feel that teaching elementary students has been a calling for me and a perfect fit throughout the years. The exciting part of being an educator is learning new strategies for helping children succeed, so I never get tired of this age because I'm always trying out new ideas.

I grew up in Houston, TX and attended Houston ISD schools. I have two younger siblings, Scott and Amy, whom I'm very close to and we see each other as often as possible. I grew up with parents in the service industry and it was always evident I would chose a similar career path. My father retired from the Houston Police Department as a detective after 28 years of service. My mother just retired 5 years ago, after teaching for 32 years as an English as a Second Language teacher in Katy ISD. My parents now live 1.2 miles away from me, so we see them almost everyday!

Family is very important to me. I have a wonderful husband named Mike and he is always helping out with my classroom by either cutting laminated things late in the night, putting together folders or hanging up bulletin boards. His first career for 14 years was a graphic designer for marketing, advertising and newspapers in Louisiana. Then 13 years ago, he took a road trip with some friends to Austin and met me (through one of the friends I knew). Three years later, we were married and he moved to Austin. We decided to begin a new adventure and started our own business. Mike has always had a love and knowledge of reptiles and I like them too! We took our knowledge and enthusiasm and turned it into Austin Reptile Shows and we perform educational reptile shows around the state of Texas. This summer we even got to take our show to Oklahoma, which was a huge success for us! We love snakes and have several exciting breeds at home (no poisonous!), bearded dragons, black throat monitor, several types of lizards, along with 2 sulcata tortoises named Titus and Fred and 2 red foot tortoises names Dora and Diego. Our life is full of adventure with our cute country dog Cici, who loves running around our 4 acre property causing mischief and bringing home interesting items and bones she digs up (all animal, don't worry)!

More important than our reptile family is our son Ridley! Six years ago, we were blessed with the most beautiful baby boy and he is our whole life! He is pure joy and keeps us on our toes everyday. He's also the reason my parents moved so close and I'm thrilled that he gets to grow up with Maw Maw and Paw Paw down the street. Ridley is a Reagan Ray in first grade and I love getting to bring him to work with me everyday. He enjoys playing with legos, nerf guns and he’s crazy for Star Wars! He's the most energetic child I know, which has taught me more patience than I ever imagined!

I attended Texas A&M University my freshman and sophomore years of college and then transferred to Southwest Texas State University (Texas State now) where I graduated with a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Reading. My certifications are in Elementary Education, gr. 1-8, English as a Second Language, gr. 1-8 and TAG gr. 1-5.

Teaching is the most rewarding career and I thrilled to be part of the Reagan community. I've always enjoyed learning new things, having creative ideas, exploring, and researching. Being a teacher ensures that I will always be able to do this and keep having new experiences. My students are a part of me and every year I get to add a little more to my own life. I want your child to gain the tools in my class to go on in their lives with confidence, compassion, and the wisdom to trust their hearts and minds.

Please call or email me with any concerns or questions.

570-7200 ext.

room 1409

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