Timberwolf Agency


Timberwolf Agency's mission is to meet the visual communications needs of students, teachers and organizations at CPHS in a modern, fresh and innovative way.


Timberwolf Agency started at Cedar Park High School in 2016 and is made up of a staff of 35 students. Staff members have a wide-knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud programs including Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.


Staff members have a diverse academic and extracurricular background, adding to the richness of our diverse design styles. Designers on the Timberwolf Agency staff continue to broaden their design-horizons by staying on top of ahead of market trends.


Class will begin promptly as scheduled. Punctuality is essential. Think real world. Arriving late for a meeting with a client could mean losing them. Similarly, deadlines are inherent in any professional setting. All assignments in this class must be turned in at the beginning of the class session in which they’re due. Work turned in after its deadline will start at a 70. Ten additional points will be deducted each extra day the project is late. Attendance is another must. Leander ISD attendance policies will be strictly enforced.


An agency involves a team effort, with each team member contributing. Every student is expected to be a full-fledged participant in this program. That includes arriving on time to all class sessions and engaging fully in discussions and exercises. Assigned projects will be presented in class before going back to clients, and you will be expected to accept and give constructive comment. You will learn from honest, thoughtful critiques, and you will be expected to provide same to your colleagues.

Students should also be respectful of equipment, software, furniture and class supplies they use. This means students should clean up after themselves, push in chairs at the end of class and value a safe and clean work environment


There will be six assignments in this course in the form of multimedia projects based on the needs of campus or community clientele. Projects will consist of print, digital and at times video/animation elements. They will be based on requests submitted from classes or clubs around the school, pitches made by students and/or needs of the local Cedar Park community.

At least two projects must be completed within each six week with deadlines set by the agency editor and Mr. Garcia. All projects will be completed in small teams consisting of two to four members.

Students must complete the required amount of assignments each year, but if they complete more than the expectation, the two highest grades of each assignment within that six week period will be recorded.

Throughout the school year students will be given other minor assignments based on, but not limited to, project pitches, show performance/involvement and overall class participation.

Beyond projects, the primary mode for communication of assignments will be through Google Classroom. Parents may submit their email to Mr. Garcia to keep track of student assignments and their completion.

Student should offer at least one project—“pitches”—per week. No pitches can be the same. At times they’ll cover the same topic, but different angles must be taken.


Students are always welcome to come in for extra help or lab time. Morning tutorials will be Monday to Friday starting at 8 a.m. until classes start. Afternoon tutorials are by appointment and can be made via email.


Reporters are no different from representatives of other organizations. If they are badly or inappropriately dressed, it can affect the impression they make and the results they get. When going on interviews, dress in a manner that fits the situation and shows respect for the interviewee. Flip-flops and scruffy shirts are out. So are revealing necklines and bare midriffs.


Plagiarism, as used above, is defined as taking ideas or writing from another and passing them off as one’s own and is unacceptable. Doing so will result in an automatic failing grade and a discipline referral.