Digital Media


The purpose of this course is to give students a multimedia understanding of visual communication, graphic design, broadcast and journalism through programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud.


Another key objective of this class is to encourage and foster an attitude of creativity and multimedia consumption. Students will have a variety of publications and digital products at their disposable to analyze, gather ideas from and be inspired by.

Students are encouraged to seek multimedia products beyond the classroom and bring them in to share with their peers.


Class will begin promptly as scheduled. Punctuality is essential. Think real world. Arriving late for a meeting with a client could mean losing them. Similarly, deadlines are inherent in any professional setting. All assignments in this class must be turned in at the beginning of the class session in which they’re due. Work turned in after its deadline will start at a 70. Ten additional points will be deducted each extra day the project is late. Attendance is another must. Leander ISD attendance policies will be strictly enforced.


Every student is expected to be a full-fledged participant in this program. That includes arriving on time to all class sessions and engaging fully in discussions and exercises. Students should also be respectful of equipment, software, furniture and class supplies they use. This means students should clean up after themselves, push in chairs at the end of class and value a safe and clean work environment.


Major Multimedia Projects……...……...40%

Minor Multimedia Projects……………...35%

Class Engagement……………………...25%


Students are always welcome to come in for extra help or lab time. Morning tutorials will be Monday to Friday starting at 8 a.m. until classes start. Afternoon tutorials are by appointment and can be made via email.


First Semester

Unit One: Design Basics

Unit Two: Adobe Illustrator

Unit Three: Adobe Photoshop

Second Semester

Unit Four: Journalism Basics

Unit Five: News Writing

Unit Six: Adobe PremierePro & Broadcast