Girls Coaches:

Grading Policy: A student earns 20 points a day for their grade, with the final grade of the week being a 100 if they participate and dress out every day for class. The 20 points are broken down into 2 categories - 10 points for participation and 10 points for dressing out correctly in the required uniform and some type of non-marking athletic/tennis shoe. Students must come to class prepared to participate in a safe manner and this begins with the proper shoe attire. If a student does not wear the correct shoes or wears inappropriate shoes needed for pre-athletics, a student will lose 20 points for that day and it will be considered a “no-suit. A student will not be allowed to participate if they are not in some type of non-marking tennis/athletic shoe. Parent contact will be made on the second time the student fails to dress out and also when he/she fails to wear the correct shoe.

Uniforms: Those in athletics are required to wear blues and grays in class. Uniforms can be purchased from the coaches for $20 (cash or checks only). Please make checks out to Leander Middle School and include phone and driver's license #.