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Grizzly Golf Philosophy

The Grizzly Golf Team will be dedicated to developing well-rounded student athletes. Players will be provided with the opportunities to further cultivate their skills, as well as contributing to a team. We place a premium effort on commitment, character, and integrity, in an attempt to express what it means to be part of an athletic program in Texas. Being part of the Grizzly Athletics program is about every day improvement both on and off the course. The golf team will stress the importance of developing qualities such as discipline, leadership, dedication, loyalty, and sacrifice to meet their goals. In order to meet these goals, students will hone their athletic abilities, while maintaining the balance between family, academic, and athletic commitments. Developing these skills will help to better prepare Grizzlies for success in their futures. Athletic success is great, but the Grizzly Golf Team will maintain focus on what we represent as individuals, as well as a team.

Glenn Athletic Department Contacts

Head Coach: Jason Haley (ext: 11562)

Assistant Coach: Grant Britton

Athletic Trainer: Jason Allen (ext: 11480)

Athletic Coordinator: Rob Schoenfeld (ext: 11450)

Asst. Athletic Coordinator: Luz Moore (ext: 11452)

Principal: Arturo Lomeli (ext: 11410)

Glenn High School 1320 Collaborative Way, Leander, TX 78641

Telephone: (512) 570-1400 Email: