Foreign Language

Foreign Language Graduation Requirement

Students in LISD are required to graduate with languages other than English (LOTE) credits. Depending on their graduation plan, students will need either two or three years of the same LOTE (i.e. Spanish I, II, and III). Students have the opportunity to take the high school credit Spanish I course in eighth grade at CRMS. Successful completion of this course will allow students to earn 1.0 credit toward their LOTE requirement. A student who wishes to take a different LOTE or does not have room in his/her schedule for Spanish I may either wait for high school to take their LOTE course or attempt to earn credit in a non-traditional way.

  • Online Course: LISD will pay for eighth grade students taking a Level I LOTE (aside from Spanish I) through Proximity Learning
  • Proficiency Exam: LISD will pay for the first administration of the AAPPL. LISD will not pay for the OPI/OPI-C. Through the AAPPL, a student can skip levels of a previously known language and earn credit for the levels skipped.
  • AP Exam: Paid for by the family and coordinated through VHS, a student with a prior knowledge of a language can skip levels, earn high school credit, and earn college credit.

Foreign Language Prior to 8th grade

A student wishing to earn credit for a foreign language prior to the 8th grade may do so assuming that:

  • Student takes course through an accredited institute approved by Leander ISD.
  • Student’s parent/guardian incurs cost of course.
  • Student takes course outside of the school day.
  • Student has completed a full level of the course by August of the beginning of 8th grade and is ready to begin the next level with his cohort and is in step with the Leander ISD semester calendar. (Example: Student has completed Chinese 1A and 1B and is ready for Chinese 2A in August of beginning of 8th grade year or has completed Chinese 2A and 2B and is ready for Chinese 3A in August of beginning of 8th grade year.)

Please contact your counselor if you are pursuing this route for your student.