The National Junior Honor Society was founded in 1929 to create an organization that would recognize and encourage academic achievement while also developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy. NJHS strives to promote scholarship, character, service, citizenship, and leadership in today's middle school students. NJHS is a co-curricular activity at CPMS that supports LISD's 10 Ethical Principles. To be in NJHS is an honor, and once selected, students are required to maintain the high level of excellence through periodic checks of grades and service activities.

Contact our adviser Ms. Sharma or the officers for details regarding anything about NJHS - nisa.sharma@leanderisd.org

All of our "stuff" lives in the Google Classroom! Make sure you are signed up for the Remind Texts and that you've joined the GClass!

Email Ms. Sharma for details on how to join those things.


        • Order your T-Shirt before July 20! Three colors to choose from. T-Shirts will be worn on meeting days (once every six weeks) and during any service projects. Check it out:

NJHS Shirts 2019

You must have 12 points and a 90+ average every six weeks.

Below is a list of ideas for getting points. If you have any questions or comments please contact the adviser.

REMEMBER - You get to claim ONE point for being in good standing with NJHS!


Service points are earned by answering the question, “How is this helping the community?” For example, you receive a point every six weeks for belonging to a Church organization not for the fact that it is a church group, but for all the community service that church youth groups provide that you participate in.

    • Active School Organization Participation - (Student Council, STAND, FCA Leaders, PFPA, Music Honor Society, Yearbook, Art Club, Drama Club, FFA, Lego League) - 1 point/six weeks--signed off by teacher advisor for each
    • Band/Choir UIL particpation - 1 point/six weeks and 1 point when competition occurs--signed off by director/instructor
    • Theater Arts, Drill Team, Cheerleading, Color Guard - 1 point/six weeks and 1 point when competition occurs - signed by director/instructor/coach
    • Athletics - 1 point/six weeks for competing in a school sport. (You must be involved in a school sport that practices before or after school to earn this point). If you are in cross country as well as volleyball you would get 2 points that six weeks since you are in two sports, being a captain will also get you an additional point. Signed by coach.
    • Helping a teacher (before or after school) - 1 point/ per hour - (max 5 points) - signed by teacher
    • Visiting non-relatives at a nursing home - 1 point/per hour (max 5 points) - signed by parent
    • Collect Soda Tabs for the Ronald McDonald House - 25 tabs = 1 point (max 5 points)
    • Donate Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education - 25 box tops = 1 point; 25 labels = 1 point (no max)
    • Participate in charity or foundation events - 1 point per hour (max 5 points per event) - signed by event coordinator or parent). Examples - Walks supporting a charity or a foundation, charity or foundation events, Fall Festivals
    • Give items to donate to area animal shelters - one point per item, see donations page for details
    • Give items to donate to area women & children's shelters - one point per item, see donations page for details

2018 - 2019 Officers:

Officer candidates will be interviewed and selected during the first month of school.

High School Information:

9th graders are not allowed to join the National Honor Society, they must wait until 10th grade so the high school has a full year of grades with which to assess them. Not many 10th graders get in though, because it can be extremely difficult to meet the other criteria. The main problem areas of qualifications are leadership and community service. The High School is looking for well-rounded students, not just those that go home and study all the time to make straight A's. The high school wants students who are involved in community activities, sports, church, boy scouts, club sports, school clubs, etc. Other options in 10th grade and in high school may be to join Key Club, band, or something to get involved in when they come to high school. This will help them to have more "points" when they apply.

Their time in CPMS NJHS has no bearing on whether they are invited to join NHS.

Feel free to check out the Cedar Park High School's website for more information on the National Honor Society. CLICK HERE.