LCE Counselor Connection

Nancy DeBoer (818) 952-8356

Dear LCE Families - Click here for A message from Mrs. DeBoer

I so miss seeing and interacting with your children at recess or just in passing during the school day. Even though we are apart, I want to make sure that you know that I am still available to lend extra support when needed. Just as I am available on campus for our students during a normal school day, I am also available for them during this time of distance learning. The avenues of communication just look a little different from that of our usual on-campus interactions.

To help navigate, here are a few ways you and your child can connect with me…

For Students:

Mrs. DeBoer’s Counseling Corner

  • Students in grades 2-6, can fill out a “Counselor Chat Request” form (found under the “Classwork” heading in my Google Classroom or click on the button below). This form will let me know when a student wants to talk – from friendship problems to sorting out feelings pertaining to any topic. Once I receive a student’s request form, I will send a message to that student through their school email to set up a "Google Meet" time. Note: I will send a message to students in 2nd grade through their parent's email or by phone.

  • Students in grades TK-1, can fill out a "Counselor Chat Request" form (click on the button below) with the help of their parents. Once I receive a student's request form, I will send a message to their parent's email or by phone to set up a Google Meet time with the child and parent or for a one on one time with the child... whatever the family prefers.

  • In situations where a student is having difficulty focusing in class, due to distracting thoughts, feelings or situations, teachers are able to contact me right away so that I can be in touch with a student in a matter of minutes through the "Google Meet" link attached to my Google Classroom.

For Parents:

Please reach out to me if there is anything I can do to help this year. This is a very challenging time for all of us, so please know that I am here for our LCE families.


Nancy DeBoer

If you haven't heard, this is the time of year when LCE reviews bucket filling and all the ways we can fill the buckets of others. Click on the above link to print out some fun materials in my "Grade Level" section of this website!