Lightridge High School believes all students should find a place to belong at school, meet new people, stay involved, and make a positive impact on our school community as well as the Willowsford, Lenah Run, Lenah Mill and surrounding communities.

Check the site menu on the left for an organization directory, as well as a detailed guide to Lightridge clubs and organizations. This list is evolving!

Once we are in our new building, students will have the opportunity to start additional clubs. There will be an application available in August. In the meantime, feel free to fill out the "Club Interest Survey" above so we know what you are looking for in the new school. You might be wondering what is needed to start a new club at Lightridge - here is the information needed:

  • Name and email of student submitting the request

  • Proposed name of club or organization

  • Name(s) of sponsor(s)

  • Will this club or organization be an affiliate of or sponsored by any other organization?

  • Preference for meeting time

  • Meeting location

  • Briefly describe the goal or purpose of this club or organization

  • Briefly describe how this club/organization will fulfill a need not currently addressed at Lightridge HS

  • Please list (at least 5) students who are interested in participating in this organization