Jessika Moore

English Teacher

About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Ms. Moore! I teach 9th academic and 10th honors English. I graduated from Radford University with a Bachelors degree in English with a concentration in secondary education. My dream is to one day teach in another country, but until then I enjoy taking language classes, hiking, art, video games, and watching Netflix. I look forward to a fun and successful year!

Contact Info


Heritage Phone: 571-252-2800

Course Expectations

9th Academic Grade: In 9th grade, we will be reading and analyzing famous literature, practicing vocabulary, grammar, writing, and identifying word segments. Students will learn along the guidelines of the 2010 Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLS).

10th Honors Grade: In 10th grade honors, we will focus on British literature, composition, grammar, and vocabulary. English 10 Honors is designed to prepare students for either AP Language or English 11 Honors. The Virginia standards of learning are available online for more information. Students receive a .5 GPA bump for taking an Honors course. Therefore, students will also complete an essay based on a “Big Question,” which is a student-selected question based on a larger, thematic idea covered in British literature.


  • Summer Assignment due 9/12 for Honors!!


  • If I’m absent I should check/click here…..

Link to the class agenda:

Also, see your google classroom!

  • Resources for the class
    • Literature Books (provided in class)
    • Google Classroom (codes will be provided after first week)
    • Vocabulary Book

  • This teacher uses: Google Classroom (codes are for STUDENT use only. A invite for parents can be sent once students are in the class.)
    • 9th
      • A2: zh5feyc
      • A3: teitdcu
    • 10th
      • B5: fa21n6t
      • B7: qpu6cxg
      • B8: rky3rf

  • Where can I go if I need help in this class?
    • Reading Writing Center: Room 311
      • Open before and after school, Wednesdays and Thursdays, or during students' study halls.
    • Room 611 in my home base! Feel free to ask me questions between classes OR set up a time to meet!

  • Technology Used in the class
    • Google Drive
    • Google Classroom
    • NoRedInk
    • Newsela

  • Students will need their cell phones/will not need their cell phones for...
    • Ms. Moore believes that technology is a great tool for learning inside and outside of the classroom. Therefore, she supports the use of BOYT in her classroom, and will often include technology in the lessons, activities, and units she creates.
    • BYOT Guidelines at HHS:
      • Classroom use is permitted at the discretion of the TEACHER.
      • No device use in locker areas, bathrooms, or anywhere there is an expectation of privacy
      • Camera allowed only when directed by teacher, with permission of those being filmed.
      • If you need to charge your device in class ask for the teacher’s permission.
      • LCPS/HTH assumes no responsibility for theft, loss, or damage of any device.
      • Students may not share personally identification online (student id, full name, address, or phone number, etc.
      • Headphone use is up to the teacher’s discretion; however, sound should not be audible to others.

  • Parents can join classes by going here…
    • Add yourself by entering the appropriate Google Classroom code.