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I am so excited about this new school year. This is my second year with Lake Country Christian School as one of your teachers. My journey with Lake Country first began several years ago when I accepted a job as a substitute teacher. It did not take long for me to just fall in love with this place: the faculty, staff and of course, I absolutely adored the students. I continued to sense the Lord leading and opening doors for me to remain at LCCS.

I started studying Education fresh out of high school and even with a concentration in English, but then worked in the corporate world for many years. I completed an Associate of Arts in Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Northwood University, where I graduated with highest honors, Summa Cum Laude, 4.0, with my Bachelor of Arts, graduated Valedictorian. I worked many years in the corporate world, ran a business, and have also been the President of a 501c3 company. However, my love for education and teaching has never changed! I have taught in many facets, mentoring, tutoring, to training and educating a wide range of individuals and learning styles. I have also taught off and on part time, and then took the substitute teaching assignment with LCCS. As my love for education has never wavered, I decided to return to school for my Master of Arts in Teaching through Liberty University and then to be ACSI certified with an English Endorsement. Now the Lord has opened the door for me back in the great state of Texas, to be here at LCCS as one of the high school English teachers!

I am a hometown, Fort Worth, Texas girl. My mother really pushed the importance of education, working hard to achieve and reach for my goals while remaining committed and strong in my walk of faith. As a wife and mother, I carried that philosophy into our own family. Family is everything to me. I am married to my very best friend, Tim. We have been married for 22+ years now. Tim is the senior pastor of a church plant in west Fort Worth, Liberty Community Fellowship. This is our third church plant since 2008. It has been an exciting time serving in ministry alongside him. We have a heart for God, a passion for evangelism, mission work, and discipleship. We have two sons, Cody and Chad, and one adopted special needs daughter, Amanda. Cody and my precious daughter-in-love, Wendy, live in Alabama with my two amazing, and precious grandkids, Micah (age 6) and Victoria (age 4). Cody has his Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling from the University of Mobile and works for a company where he encounters teens and families in crisis and must seek ways to best suit their individual needs to bring health, hope, and healing. Wendy is an adjunct music professor at the University of Mobile. They are both extremely involved in their church where Cody is a deacon and Wendy is the church pianist. Chad, graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelors in Business and a concentration in Intelligence. He lives here in Fort Worth where he is working for a company contracted to Lockheed. Chad is actively involved in our church ministry and jumps into service in whatever area God leads, especially if it includes something on the technological side of things. Amanda has obtained her first serious job working for an assisted living home and is learning new and exciting things every day about life. My family means the world to me, and I praise the Lord for them. Of course, our family would not be complete without the crazy cat, Buddy, my precious Maltese dog, Hero, and our newest addition border collie puppy, Dash. I am sure upon entering my room at LCCS, you will encounter images throughout the year of my family and our crazy pets.

I am a life-long learner and encourage the same in others. I encourage by nature. I have a servant heart. I believe in seeing the best in people. I believe in being real, authentic, and a "what you see, is what you get kind of person". I have a positive outlook on life and a joyful heart! I love to smile, laugh, sing, and have fun! I even have a love for sunflowers for this same reason...they look like they are smiling! I love to read and learn new things and I love to explore new places. I am thankful to be at this point in my life, having asked the Lord to lead me exactly where He wanted me. I promised Him that no matter where He led, I would go joyfully and say, Yes! What have I learned through all of this? Through hard work and dedication, I learned the importance of never giving up on your dreams, believe God to work in and through our lives, and to remain faithful. God is faithful! That is exactly what LCCS wants students to learn and so do I. LCCS is about potential and steering students in a God-given direction while aiding them in this learning process. LCCS believes in their students and wants to see them reach their goals, even through hard work and determination. Learning may take time. Equipping takes time...but God has a plan, and that plan for me, brought me to LCCS.

I am sure there will be many adventures and things to learn with my LCCS faculty and students. I am excited to be teaching English and look forward to a great year. Please know I am here to serve the Lord and to see a new generation of students rise up to be the men and women God has designed. As I tell my students: "you are my greatest adventure" and I truly mean this. Please let me know if there is anyway I can assist you as it will be my joy and honor to do so. Let's have a great year learning and growing together!