Transformed Emotions Course


"O my soul. why are you disturbed within me ? Hope in God" Psalm 43:5


5 Tuesdays, September 18 to October 16, 630pm-830pm

During this five-week course you will learn what do you do when you feel angry, depressed, anxious, guilty, or hurt. Don’t follow your feelings, lead them. Don’t ignore your feelings, transform them. You will be equipped in specific emotion-changing perspectives and strategies from God’s Word that have helped hundreds.

  1. Curing the Cause of Anger (Sept 18)
  2. Avoiding Despair in Difficult Times (Sept 25)
  3. Controlling Fear, Anxiety, and Worry (Oct 2)
  4. Clearing the Guilty Conscience (Oct 9)
  5. Overcoming Hurt (Oct 16)


$15 per night or $65 for all five

Returning Student $25


Curing the Cause of Anger - Is your anger biblical or sinful? Is your anger justified by scripture? What is your motivation for this anger? How are you expressing your anger? Learn how to identify sinful anger and how to transform the heart behind sinful anger. Learn how to use anger-provoking situations for good and growth. God has answers, the Bible provides the directions!

Depression: Avoiding Despair in Difficult Times - In this session, you will learn factors that contribute and may even cause a despairing perspective and how to help a depressed person biblically. You will learn about the downward spiral of depression and the tools to stop that spiral by faith-motivated perspectives and actions.

Controlling Fear, Anxiety, and Worry - Sinful fear is believing someone or something to be more in charge of your future good and bad than God. Worry is thinking on that which you fear above God. Anxiety is the emotional and physiological result of such worry. In this first session you will learn more about the interconnection of these three sins and some powerful, biblical basics in dealing with them.

Clearing the Guilty Conscience - The conscience is a moral program that God placed in our heart! But it can be misinformed. When we do wrong, and we struggle with what is termed "forgiving ourselves" it is not the Holy Spirit's conviction we feel. Our own conscience and pride condemn us. Our eyes must regain focus upon Christ's cross and biblical strategies for change, and turn from focusing on our sin and our desire to have done better. At are other times we may feel guilty but have not truly failed God. It is at those times that the Word of God must inform our conscience, not other people. In this session, you will learn how to help a person humble themselves as they take their sin to Christ and their feelings of guilt to the Word of God.

Overcoming Hurt & Bitterness -When another profoundly hurts us we can quickly react in two completely different ways: bitterness/self-pity (i.e., "This sin against me is bringing me down," or apathy/minimization (i.e., This sin against me is no big deal"). We must instead learn to respond to hurt the way God has responded to our sin against him. You will be guided us into a process of forgiveness that not only leads to biblical forgiveness but, if necessary, biblical confronting of the one who sinned against you.

This course includes ten in-depth sessions covering five of the most common unpleasant emotions experienced in life. These five emotions make up, in some combination, 80-90% of all problems that people seek help in counseling. You are supplied an 80 plus page manual, complete with outlines, reading lists, resources, and assignments, to help you master the biblical concepts utilized each week at the center.

This training is a part of a larger course entitled "Change That Sticks" which includes a free kick off entitled "Can a Person Really Change? Is the Bible Enough?" - Click here to see more on entire course.

You can enroll in that entire course if interested in counselor training or to pursue certification through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors and the International Association of Biblical Counselors. Click here to read more about the program. But our training material is not only used by those seeking certification or counselor training, but by those wanting biblical answers for their own problems.

Tim Bryant, MA - Director of Lowcountry Biblical Counseling (Click for more)

Advancing Biblical Transformation through Counseling, Training and Resources.

Dr Ron Allchin - Lead Counselor at Lowcountry Biblicial Counseling (Click for more)

  • Track 1: Change That Sticks
  • Track 2: Transformed by Truth
  • Track 3: Marriage & Family Counseling
  • Track 4: Contemporary Issues.
  • ACBC Exam Class (i.e. Essentials of Biblical Counseling)