Social Media and ME

Les médias sociaux et MOI

Who am I?

Caroline Mueller

PhD McGill University

Enseignante FSL, LBPSB

Équipe Choc FRA, FRE,

populations autochtones

I am a French teacher at Place Cartier Adult Education Center in Beaconsfield. For over 20 years I have taught and studied languages in many parts of the world. My graduate work at McGill focused on language and identity. More specifically, I explored relationships between learners and teachers in indigenous and international contexts. In 2017, I wanted to design an options course for my adult students to better understand them from a different perspective and in a language that was more familiar to them.

Why Social Media and ME?


Course Structure


Course Goals


Why this site?

A big part of the Place Cartier experience is learning about oneself… I wanted to create a course that allowed students to explore their identities by reflecting on how we communicate through social media. By using social media platforms (such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) I wanted to give students the opportunities to think about how we create and share our virtual stories and communicate with others. But most of all, I wanted them to explore and reflect on their understanding of social media in order to feel more grounded and confident in their abilities and unique qualities.

Since my Social Media and ME course aims to explore how we tell our stories online, make sense of our lives, learn to pursue our present goals and envision new possibilities, I created this website as a resource for teachers and students who are interested in reflecting on the ways in which social media shapes how we see ourselves. Central to this website are the student voices as seen through the multiple samples of student work done in our class.

In line with the idea of identity as being socially and virtually constructed and with the notion UDL (universal design for learning), I believe that classrooms must extend beyond the physical walls of the school and into online spaces.